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PS4 Stick Price – Are you a PlayStation 4 user? If so, the quality of the PS4 controller or stick used must really be considered. Because, when the controller starts to break, it will definitely affect the comfort of playing games on PS4.

PS4 Stick damage usually lies in frequently used buttons. For example, for PES or FIFA users, usually the R1 and R2 buttons are damaged or error faster. For the reasons themselves vary, it could be due to user error or indeed the quality of the product is below standard.


When the PS4 Stick has started an error, you can immediately take it to the Service area. But for the cost of repairing the PS4 Stick, it is usually priced between Rp. 50,000 to Rp. 150,000, depending on the level of damage.

If you have to spend that much budget, it’s better to buy a new PS4 stick. Because the price of the Original PS4 Stick can now be obtained with prices starting from 100 thousand. Here we have prepared information regarding the price of the PS4 Stick complete with the purchase link.

PS4 Stick Price

PS4 Stick Price

As a PS4 user, you must have felt the difference between the PS3 Stick and the PS4 Stick, especially in terms of comfort. Yes, the PS4 Stick or often also referred to as the DualShock 4 does offer some advanced technology to maximize user comfort in playing. best PS4 games.

So the PlayStation 4 Wireless Controller already supports a much larger battery capacity. Not to mention the quality of the sensor and its dimensions which are not too big and not too heavy either, so it will be very comfortable when in the hand.

Of all the advantages possessed by the PS4 Stick, it is only natural that the price of this device can reach 800 thousand rupiah per unit. Even the price of the second DualShock 4 Original Sony can be priced in the range of 500 thousand per unit, meaning that if you want to buy a second Original Sony PS4 Stick, you have to have a budget of 1 million.

But don’t worry, for those who don’t have that much budget, you can buy the best quality Original PS4 Sticks at low prices, not up to 200 thousand rupiah. Before that, we explained a little about the types of PS4 controllers.

So, this device is divided into 2 (two) types, namely Machine Ori and Factory Ori. For Ori the machine is a PS4 stick that has the quality of the original machine. As for Factory Ori, the machines used are of KW quality but are still very usable.

Meanwhile, the price of the PS4 Ori Machine stick is more expensive than the Factory Original PS4 Stick. In addition, sometimes Garskin for PS4 Sticks is also available in the form of favorite games or certain motifs.

Next, for those of you who are looking for the best quality and original cheap PS4 sticks, please check out some of the best PS4 stick recommendations from

1. Factory Original PS4 Stick

Factory Original PS4 Stick

First, there is the Factory Original PS4 Stick which you can have by spending 130 thousand per unit. If interested, please click the button below.

Then for every purchase of the Factory Ori PS4 Controller, you will also get one Type 2.0 Charge cable.

2. DualShock PS4 Ori Machine

DualShock PS4 Ori Machine

Next is the PS4 Ori Machine Stick which can be purchased with prices starting from 300 thousand. The quality of this product is definitely superior to the Factory Original PS4 Stick. Here we have prepared a purchase link for the PS4 Ori Machine Controller.

Just like purchasing Original Factory PS4 Stick products, these products also have a bonus in the form of a Charge cable, only the quality offered is clearly different.

3. FIFA PS4 Stick

FIFA PS4 Stick

Then for FIFA players on PS4, we think you must buy a PS4 Controller with Garskin FIFA. Please click the following link if you want to make a transaction immediately.

Meanwhile, please note that PS4 Controllers with Garskin or certain motifs are usually not Sony Original PS4 Sticks. So, the quality of the machine may not be much different from the Factory Original PS4 Stick.

4. Spider-Man PS4 Stick

Spider Man PS4 Stick

Besides FIFA, there is also a PS4 Stick that has been coated with Garskin Spider-Man. The price per unit for the PS4 Spider-Man Stick starts at 130 thousand.

With a price below 200 thousand, obviously this device is not Original Sony, but KW or Factory Ori. Even so, this is still suitable for those of you who only have a minimal budget and want to replace a damaged PS4 stick at home.

5. DualShock PS4 Original Sony

DualShock PS4 Original Sony

Finally, we recommend Sony’s Original PS4 Stick at a price of 800 thousand per unit. You can buy it directly at the nearest Sony outlet or buy it online via eCommerce.

The quality of Sony’s Original PS4 Stick is unquestionable. This device can last up to 5 years, as long as you take good care of it.

How to Take Care of the PlayStation 4 Controller

How to Take Care of the PlayStation 4 Controller

After listening to some of the best and cheapest PS4 Stick price recommendations above, now we want to explain some tips that need to be done so that the PS4 Stick lasts. Some of these tips include:

1. Clean the Buttons Regularly

First, clean the PS4 buttons regularly. You can use a small brush or Vacuum Cleaner Mini to clean the dust between the buttons which often causes the PS4 button to not work.

2. Recharge Battery After Low Battery Notification Appears

Second, immediately recharge the battery when the Low Battery notification appears. The PS4 Stick charging process should be carried out for approximately 3 hours.

3. Use PS4 Stick After Fully Charged Battery

Third, during the PS4 Stick charging process, it is best not to use it while you are using it. So, use the PS4 Stick after the battery is fully charged. These tips are useful for keeping battery life from being wasteful.


So that’s the price list for the best and cheapest Original PS4 Wireless Stick on the market. How, have you decided which PS4 stick to buy? Factory Original, Machine Original or Sony Original? Or do you have any other best and cheapest PS4 Stick recommendations? Please share with through the comment box below.

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