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Builder Hall Base Level 4 – Hi clasher, still confused about the base coc formation you have? Of course, as a player from the clash of clans game, you really want a strong base so that your opponent doesn’t get stars, right?

Builder Hall Base Level 4
With a good layout, as well as calculations for placing various buildings, one of which is to make it difficult for opponents to attack.

Before going into the discussion, make sure the builders hall base formation that you have must have reached level 4!

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Builder Hall Base Level 4

The formation of an artisan hall in the game clash of clans is an important factor for us to be able to upgrade the village in night mode quickly without draining Elixir and Gold.

Already curious about the layout of the level 4 artisan hall base? Come on! Check out 15 level 4 anti 1 star builders hall bases along with the following link.

Strongest Level 4 Craft Hall Base

Strongest Level 4 Craft Hall Base

This artisan hall base is the first recommendation for you. Maybe you are asking why the left and right sides are made open like that?

Of course, with careful calculations, this base deliberately provides entry areas on the right and left so that the opposing troops who attack both sides later with traps and the fleet you have are expected to overthrow all enemy troops. You can create the placement of your fleet or defense equipment as you wish.

Builder Hall Base Level 4 Anti Star

Next is the recommendation for the second level 4 mason hall base, with a layout and placement that is almost the same as the first.

But for the second, it focuses on saving the fleet or defense on the right and left of the base builder hall. With the reason that the attacking opponent usually does the entry area on the right and left side

Builder Hall Base Level 4 Anti 1 Star
If you look – look at this base like the letter T, yes, this strongest level 4 artisan hall base can make your opponent difficult. The reason is that compared to the 2 recommendations, the base hall on this one places all the buildings in the fort, you can try it.
Strongest Level 4 Builder Hall Base Anti Star
Well, if this is you, you will definitely like the layout. at the bottom of the base formation, this level 4 craftsman’s hall provides a little open space, which will indirectly become a trap for opponents to enter the area. You can place various traps and buildings as you wish.

The World’s Strongest Level 4 Craft Hall Base

Builder Hall COC Level 4

As the first recommendation in the strongest level 4 artisan hall base in the world, you can try the following formation.

One of these formations relies on all defenses to attack the opposing troops, with the placement of other buildings on various sides which later on the opposing troops will take time to destroy the outside.

Strongest Level 4 Crafts Hall

Not only is the placement of the fleet cool, this base also has a cool layout to look at, if you look at the picture, the base looks like the letter x which has a lid on each top and bottom corner.

Builders Hall Layout Level 4

This level 4 artisan hall base is very difficult for the opponent. Because if the opponent enters the entry area at the bottom, the opponent will take a lot of time to reach the base hall.

Builder Hall's Strongest Base Level 4

No less cool than all other level 4 craftsman hall base layouts. This one also has many advantages of course, you can combine it with the placement of the building according to your wishes and calculations.

Craftsman Hall Level 4 Strongest Clash Of Clans (COC)

Builder Hall Arrangement Level 4

If this is even more difficult, if you find an enemy formation like this, what strategy will you try? Attack him from below, side, above?

You can see the placement of various traps from this base. It will take a lot of time and run out of many troops to be able to destroy the strongest level 4 craftsman hall of this clash of clans.

Builder Hall COC Layout Level 4

Not much different from before, this hall base became one of the strongest bases in the level 4 clash of clans builders hall. You can try this formation which is very suitable to try so that your base is not attacked by many enemies.

Strongest Level 4 Builder Hall Base Anti Star

If you don’t like some of the choices above, maybe this can be an option for the strongest builders’ hall base formation in clash of clans.

The placement of endpoints as well as various closed sides do not provide an opening for the enemy. Equipped with various traps on each side capable of providing excellent defense.

Builder Hall Base Level 4 Anti Star 1

Builder Hall COC Defense Level 4

You might try this formation, the placement of endpoints, buildings, and traps that are very suitable to make the formation base formation hall level 4 anti-star 1.

Builder Hall Base Level 4 Anti Star 1

You think if the opponent uses this formation, you will make entry from below right? If you pay close attention to the distance from the lower area to the base of the craftsman’s hall, it will take time.

Because you won’t be able to get in right away there are lots of endpoints, traps and buildings blocking you. Therefore, the level 4 anti 1 star mason hall base is very suitable to be applied to this formation.

The World's Strongest Level 4 Crafts Hall

A very unique formation, if we have seen the endpoint placement and your fleet inside. In contrast to this, you can see a fleet outside but not without reason if the enemy targets it on the first destruction, maybe the opponent will think they can enter it.

However, behind the fleet are traps and other endpoints that can destroy entire enemy troops.

Builder Hall COC Formation Level 4

Sometimes we have to open an open entry area to outwit the enemy, you can apply this formation. By placing various traps in the lower area, it indirectly leads enemy troops to enter it.

But it’s not that easy, there are many fleets and endpoints that can paralyze your opponent. This layout is very suitable to be applied so that you base the craftsman hall level 4 anti-star 1.

The final word

That’s a group of friends strongest level 4 artisan hall base the latest 1-star anti that you can try to use in your Clash of Clans game. Hopefully it can be useful and don’t forget to share this article with your friends who still play CoC games. Thank you and always be healthy.

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