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How to Create an Empty FF Nickname – As FF or Free Fire players, maybe many of you are quite selective in choosing a nickname. Yes, for some players, Nickname does have its own important role.

Usually FF players want to create a Nickname similar to their idol Pro Player. In addition, on the internet there are also many choices of cool Nicknames for Free Fire that you can use as you wish.


Although there are many choices of cool names for FF accounts, did you know that there is an empty FF Nickname Trend right now? Yes, some FF Pro Players often use empty nicknames or just spaces.

Therefore, many FF players also want to create a Nickname like that but most of them don’t know how to make an empty FF Nickname. Well, for those of you who are also interested in creating an empty Nickname, here we have prepared a complete tutorial.

How to Create an Empty FF Nickname

How to Create an Empty FF Nickname

Making a name or nickname currently needs to be done when you first create a game account, including creating a Free Fire account. There are lots of recommendations cool name FF that can be used, there are even many choices Girls FF nicknames which can be your recommendation for female Free Fire players.

For the FF players themselves, you are also allowed to change the name at will as long as you still have the item named Name Change Card. The use of names or nicknames in FF games usually consists of a combination of symbols and unique names.

In addition, there are also many FF players who refer to their idol Pro Player in determining the nickname. For those of you who often do the same thing in determining the name of FF, surely many of you already know about the trend of empty FF names.

Then have you ever thought how do they make an empty nickname like that? If you are still curious, here we have prepared a tutorial or steps for making an empty FF Nickname, aka invisible.

But before that, you need to download a special application called Unicode Pad on the Google Play Store. If so, then please follow the procedure below to create an empty FF Nickname Cool space through the application:

1. Open the Unico Pad App

Open the Unico Pad App

First of all, please open the Unico Pad application then tap menu Codepoint (see image above)

2. Enter Code

Enter Code

After that enter Codepoint 3128 then tap Browse

3. Tap Blank Symbol

Tap Blank Symbol

Next please tap 6 times on the field empty symbol (see image above)

4. Change Codepoint

Change Codepoint

If you have, tap the menu again Codepoint then enter the code 25E8

5. Tap Symbol

Tap Symbol

After that tap symbol which we marked with yellow arrows 4-8 times

6. Copy Nickname

Copy Nickname 1

If you have, please tap the button Copy

7. Paste the Blank FF Nickname

Paste Blank FF Nickname

Next, please open the Free Fire application and go to the Nickname change menu. That’s where you live Paste the blank FF Nickname which has been made through the Unico Pad application.

8. Successfully Make FF Nickname Invisible

Successfully Create Empty FF Nickname

If succeedthen your FF Nickname will appear like the picture above

If the above method is quite inconvenient, we still have another way to create an empty FF Nickname, namely using a special Space symbol. Please copy the symbol below:

[ ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤ ]

If you have copied the brackets containing the spaces above, now you just have to follow the steps below to make the FF name invisible:

  • Run the Free Fire game
  • Tap the Profile menu in the top left corner
  • After that tap the Edit menu (yellow notebook icon)
  • Then you just delete the old nickname and then paste the previously copied nickname
  • Finally, confirm the purchase of the Name Change Card item
  • Done

Until here, you already know how to make Free Fire’s nickname invisible. However, some of you may be curious whether this method is safe to do or dangerous and can be subject to sanctions from Garena.

So, so far the use of empty nicknames by FF players is still safe. This may be because the use of any nickname does not have an impact on profits for users.

Unlike the cheaters who certainly provide benefits for the perpetrators and provide a lot of losses for other players. Therefore, Garena has absolutely zero tolerance for Free Fire Cheaters.


So that’s how the discussion of regarding procedures for creating cool Nicknames that don’t look empty aliases. Making an empty FF Nickname can be done through the help of an application called Unicode Pad or you can use the Space symbol that we presented above.

Meanwhile, above we also explained that the use of empty names does not harm user accounts. It’s actually cool right now where FF players using nicknames are not visible.

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