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How to Delete Messages in Mobile Legends – More than 500 million Android users have downloaded the game Mobile Legendsit proves if number 1 game in Indonesia and the world. Besides that, it is proof that the enthusiasm for this game made by Moonton is attracting attention.

Discussing about Mobile Legends (ML), in this game there is a chat feature or exchanging messages with other players. Sometimes there are a lot of messages that have been sent or received.


Of the many messages, surely many of Mobile Legends players are asking whether they can delete chat messages? Answering the question of deleting messages in Mobile Legends, players can delete messages.

But for those who want to delete a chat message or chat in ML for the first time, of course they will ask about how to delete it. For those who don’t know or are still confused, here we will tell you in full how.

How to Delete Messages in Mobile Legends

How to Delete Messages in Mobile Legends

Deleting private chats or messages in Mobile Legends itself can be said to be very easy to do. For more details, let’s see and follow this discussion to the end so that it is answered.

1. Delete Messages (Chat) in ML by Unfollowing a Friend’s Account

An easy way to delete private chats in Mobile Legends first is by deleting friends in the friends list (Unfollow). For steps to delete messages in ML by unfollowing a friend’s account like this.

  • The first step, please enter the Mobile Legends game on the device you are using (smartphone).
1. enter the Mobile Legends game
  • After that, go to the menu “Message”.
2. Go to Message Menu
  • Then go to menu “Friend”.
3. Select the Friend Menu
  • Then select a message from a friend, then click “His Profile Photo”. After that, just click “Followed”.
4. Click Profile Photo
  • Finally, a pop up will appear to approve the temporary unfollow. Click “OK” if you agree.
5. Click OK

If this is the case, then the process of unfollowing friends in the Mobile Legends game is complete. In addition, Mobile Legends will automatically delete your private messages (chat) in Mobile Legends.

2. Delete Messages (Chat) in ML Without Unffollow

Then how about deleting messages in ML without unfollowing friends? Please note, to delete messages in Mobile Legends without unfollowing it cannot be done because Moonton does not provide the feature.

So, the right way to delete chat in Mobile Legends without unfollowing friends is to let the chat be in the chat line. If you have left the chat but in the end the messages in ML will be deleted automatically.

How Long Do Messages in ML Disappear?

In the loss of messages in Mobile Legends or automatically deleted it takes a time that has been determined by Moonton. Maybe a message is lost or deleted in ML for about 1 day, it doesn’t take long.

However, if within 1 day the message still appears then you can wait until the latest Mobile Legends update is available. With this latest update, chat messages in ML will also be deleted.


If indeed you can wait and the message is not annoying or problematic for your account, then just wait until Moonton does the latest update on the Mobile Legends game. So the chat will be automatically deleted.

Maybe that’s how the discussion about how to delete messages in ML can be serve. Hopefully, the discussion on how to delete chat chat in Mobile Legends above can be useful for all.

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