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50 Thesis Title Qualitative Physical Education and Sports PJOK – Physical education and sports are one of the most popular college majors and are available in almost all campuses in Indonesia. The following will be given various thesis titles that can be used as references, Hopefully useful.

50 Titles of Qualitative Thesis on Physical Education and Sports PJOK

1. Analysis of the implementation of online-based Pjok learning at SMA Negeri 4 Malang in the odd semester 2020/2021

2. Basic karate technique training materials using audio-visual media for karate beginners

3. The effectiveness of plyometric training in increasing arm and leg muscle power in volleyball athletes: literature review

4. the relationship between arm muscle strength, power and coordination on the front stroke technique of pencak silat athletes at the al-kautsar Islamic boarding school in the city of Malang

5. The relationship between physical fitness and student achievement in junior high school: literature review

6. implementation of pjok online learning at SMP Negeri 8 Malang

7. Implementation of Pjok online learning at SMPN 6 Malang odd semester 2020/2021

8. Pjok online learning at Mtsn 2 Malang City

9. Pjok online learning at Mtsn 2 Malang City for the 2020/2021 academic year

10. Online learning at the corner of SMPN 12 Malang, odd semester 2020/2021

11. Online-based corner learning at Smkn 2 Mojokerto

12. online corner learning at SMPN 3 Malang odd semester 2020/2021

13. Effect of leg muscle strength training on jumping smash on badminton extracurricular participants at Madrasah Tsanawiyah Negeri 1 Malang

14. development of audio-visual media-based football teaching materials for grade ix students at Mtsn 2 Malang City

15. Development of audio-visual media-based soccer teaching materials for class VIII students at SMP Negeri 23 Malang City

16. development of teaching materials for basic karate techniques in the form of interactive multimedia for class X at SMA Negeri 1 Sooko

17. development of web-based pencak silat learning media at club marcka sidoarjo

18. development of learning media for basic techniques of pencak silat using audio-visual for students of Aisyiyah Elementary School, Malang City

19. the development of learning media for variations in the motion of soccer games based on the articulate storyline application for kkg pjok elementary school grade IV in Plemahan sub-district, Kediri district

20. development of learning basic techniques of tiger jumping and wheeling on floor gymnastics through interactive multimedia for class VIII SMP 8 Malang

21. Development of learning tools based on social skills using a sport education model on softball game material for class VIII

22. Development of social skills-based learning tools using the personal and social responsibility teaching model on physical fitness activities

23. Development of learning tools for class VIII based on social skills using tpsr on physical fitness material

24. Development of sport education learning tools based on class xi social skills on badminton game material

25. Development of TPSR learning tools based on class xi social skills material for athletic activities

26. Development of videos for learning basic basketball techniques for class VIII SMP Negeri 6 Malang City students

27. Improvement of basic futsal passing technique skills using various drill methods for futsal extracurricular participants in junior high school laboratories, Malang State University

28. improvement of badminton overhead smash using varied practice

29. Differences in student achievement in the 2017 PJKR-FIK study program at State University of Malang between the even semester 2018/2019 and the even semester 2019/2020

30. Profile of the physical condition of futsal players

31. Comparative study of cardiovascular endurance (VO2max) of smokers and non-smokers male taekwondo student activity units at Malang State University

32. a survey of the physical condition of the basketball extracurricular participants at SMA Negeri 1 Pacet Mojokerto

33. Survey of educators’ motivation on the participation of field tennis in SMA Negeri 1 Srengat, Blitar Regency in 2020/2021

34. Survey on the motivation of students who take part in futsal extracurricular activities at Smk Negeri 1 Lumajang

35. Survey of student motivation in participating in futsal extracurricular activities in junior high schools throughout Malang Regency

36. Survey on the level of implementation of online-based pencak silat self-defense material learning at MTs Negeri 2 Malang City

37. Teacher and student responses to blended learning during the COVID-19 pandemic for Pjok subjects at SMAN 1 Singosari for the 2020/2021 academic year

38. players’ responses about the independent training program during the covid-19 pandemic at the Batu City Junior High School futsal team

39. an effort to improve badminton footwork agility using the drill skipping exercise variation method for athletes aged 12-16 years at PB Palace, Malang Regency.

40. Efforts to improve basic passing and service skills through the drill method for extracurricular members of Man 1 Kediri City

41. an effort to improve the skill of the t-kick technique using the drill method on the students of PSHT, the branch of the Kediri branch

42. Efforts to improve t-kick skills using the drill method for pencak silat athletes at the bina satria Muda club in Kediri

43. an effort to improve basic swimming techniques through water introduction activities using the play method for beginners 5-7 years old at the Tirta Sani Gemilang Swimming Club

44. Efforts to improve understanding of futsal game rules through online learning at futsal extracurricular at SMA Negeri 1 Bangil, Pasuruan Regency

45. The relationship between agility and coordination with dribbling skills of SSB Unibraw 82 players, Malang City aged 10-12 years

46. Physical condition of participants in badminton extracurricular activities at MTs Negeri 2 Malang City

47. Improving the basic technique of shooting free throw basketballs through the drill method with variations of wall shooting exercises for men’s basketball extracurricular participants at Taman Adult Junior High School Probolinggo City

48. The effect of drill method training and playing method on the passing skills of futsal extracurricular students at SMK Negeri 4 Malang

49. The effect of skipping and zig-zag run training on increasing agility in the U-15 soccer game at SSB Persada Gresik

50. The effect of drill and play learning methods on double volleyball bottom service on students of SMP Kartika IV-9 Malang

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