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How to Play Formation 4213 eFootball Mobile – As a PES Mobile eFootball User, of course you often do formations before starting a match or match. There are many choices of formations that can be used, one of which is the 4-2-1-3 formation.

The 4-2-1-3 formation is one type of formation that is quite widely used by eFootball PES Mobile users, especially those who apply the Tiki-Taka style of play. In addition, this formation or strategy also has several advantages over other strategies.


Well, for those of you who want to apply this strategy to the PES Mobile eFootball Squad, first you need to master how to play this strategy. So, there are some important things that must be considered if you want to play using a 4-2-1-3 formation.

These things will greatly affect the success of how to play using the 4213 strategy. Well, instead of being curious, just see the full explanation below.

Advantages of Formation 4213 eFootball Mobile

Besides increase Player Level and maximizing Team Play Style, the key to victory in every PES Mobile eFootball Match is also determined from the formation or strategy used. Meanwhile, of the many best formations in eFootball PES Mobile, the 4213 formation is one of the most used formations.

This strategy relies on 3 (three) Strikers or Attackers consisting of LWF, RWF and CF. In addition, the Midfielder position is filled by 1 Attacking Midfielder (AMF) and 2 Defensive Midfielders (DMF) so that the central area is quite tight. As for the defensive position, this formation relies on 4 defenders, namely LB – CB – CB – RB.

We have mentioned above that many eFootball Mobile Users who use this formation certainly cannot be separated from several advantages that users can get, including:

1. Quick Counterattack

First, the formation has the advantage when it comes to counter-attacking. The presence of 3 attackers plus 1 attacking midfielder in the 4123 formation will make it easier for you to outwit opposing defenders and score goals from counter attacks.

2. Optimal Ball Control

Second, each area is filled with 3 to 4 players, so this will make it easier for you to make short passes and control the game while building an attack rhythm.

3. Maximum Defense

Third, the 4-2-1-3 formation also offers advantages in terms of defense. Yes, there are 4 defenders, this is clearly a scourge for opposing players to score goals. Besides that, the defenders of this strategy also don’t work too hard to help the attack, because in front there are already wing attackers on the left and right.

How to Play Formation 4213 eFootball Mobile

How to Play Formation 4213 eFootball Mobile

After listening to a little explanation about how the 4213 strategy works to some of the advantages that this formation offers, now let’s move on to how to play using the 4213 formation in eFootball PES Mobile.

Actually, how to play the 4213 formation, there are no special tricks in any form where everything absolutely relies on your feelings in playing. It’s just that, so that this formation can be more optimal, you need to pay attention to the following things:

1. Pay Attention to Player Skills

The first way is to pay attention to the skill of the player. So, each player in eFootball Mobile has the most prominent skill or style of play. In using the 4-2-1-3 formation you need to pay attention to the skills of players in the following positions:

  • CF : Use skilled CF players Shadow Attacker
  • AMF : Use skilled AMF players Gap Hunter
  • LWF & RWF : Use LWF and RWF players who have the finishing ability above 90.

That way AMF as the maker of the attack as well as dividing the ball can break through looking for empty space and then feed it to the CF players. Furthermore, with the Shadow Strike skill that the CF player has, he will be able to complete the pass into a Goal.

2. Pay attention to the quality of the short bait

The second way is to pay attention to the statistics or quality of Short Passes, especially for players who are in position DMF and AMF. Make sure you use the Defensive Midfielder and Attacking Midfielder with the short pass ability above 87.

This is useful so that the midfielders who are in the Midfielder position can make beautiful short passes to lure the opposing defenders to press. If it’s like that, the midfielder just feeds to the attacking players to produce goals.

3. Pay Attention to Speed ​​Statistics

Finally, the speed of AMF, LWF, RWF and CF players is also one of the keys to the success of how to play PES Mobile’s eFootball formation. This is necessary so that when counter-attacking, the four players can easily sprint with opposing players.

In addition, when the AMF player has the Gap Hunter ability, then he can be smarter in providing mature passes to LWF, RWF and CF players. Furthermore, the three attacking players who have above-average finishing abilities, will later complete the pass into a goal.


So that’s the explanation from on how to play eFootball PES Mobile with a 4-2-1-3 formation. Above we also explained some of the advantages of this strategy so that many eFootball Mobile Users use a 4-2-1-3 formation in their squad.

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