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When playing a game, the cellphone suddenly feels slow or lags and worse, the game closes itself or closes forcibly. Often this happens on our Android phones, even though the Android cellphone has closed several applications, but it still happens.

Causes of Android RAM Full Fast and How to Solve It

Alright, let’s discuss together the causes of full android ram even though few applications are installed.

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Before that we will discuss what ram and internal memory are, maybe when we play games it suddenly closes forcibly because the internal memory is full.

Internal Memory / Phone Storage

Internal memory is storage space that is already embedded in our Android phones. So we can’t release it because it’s integrated into the machine and we can’t add or reduce the capacity of the internal memory. The internal memory serves to accommodate files on our Android phones and some are also used for certain purposes such as cell phone system storage and others.

Android Ram / Storage Memory

Random Access Memory or RAM is a hardware device that is in a cellphone that is useful as a temporary data store for the android application or system, which can be accessed randomly. The RAM capacity embedded in our cellphone greatly affects how many applications we can run in same time. When we open an application and want to switch to another application without closing the first application, the first application will run in the background and that is the function of ram which is in charge of temporarily storing data for the application at the same time.

So the more applications we install and run, the more RAM storage we need. Therefore, my friend can see the cause of the fast full ram and how to overcome it.

Causes of Android RAM Full Quickly Even though Applications are Few and How to Solve It

Androd ram is full if the cellphone is running several applications that work in the background, but some cellphones only run one application, it feels heavy and often lags, this can be caused by too large an application that is running so that it requires temporary data storage when running it. It could also be due to the ram capacity embedded in our cellphones is too small so that it will feel heavy to run large applications.

1. Many Apps running in the background

Many Apps running in the background

Some android applications are usually running in the background of our cellphones even though we have closed them but they are still running, sometimes it is for the purposes of certain updates such as the latest messages or notifications.

2. Too Small RAM Capacity

Many versions of Android provide a certain amount of RAM capacity that is embedded in it, from each class it differs depending on the needs of the buyer, for the upper-middle class version usually provides specifications that have a large RAM capacity as well.

3. Great App

Some applications usually have large data and to run them also requires a large space too, this is usually what often happens which causes our android ram is often full, these applications are like moba games, video editing and others

4. Virus

HP Virus

Viruses that have attacked in cellphones will usually run by themselves and interfere with security in our Android system, to clean it you can install anti-virus applications or can also run applications that are already embedded in the cellphone.

5. Too Many Google Play Services

One of the causes of full Android RAM is also caused by the running of Google Play, try to open the settings and see it will show that some services from Google Play will continue to run, unfortunately you can’t close the application because it interferes with the system that is running on the cellphone.

6. Update the Latest Version of the Application

Actually, it doesn’t matter if we want to update the application to have the latest updates, but it can increase the size of the application and will automatically increase the capacity of the ram used.

7. Cache Buildup

Excessive Cache

Every application and game that we install on our Android phone will save a file in the form of a cache. If you have piled up too many files, this can make RAM full and slow down your cellphone. To fix this, you just need to clear the cache. The trick is to go to settings and select the application and then clear the cache.


That’s 7 reasons why our Android RAM is full quickly, many things cause Android RAM to fill up quickly. If we already know it then we can overcome it, so that we can be more free to use the Smartphones that we have.

So many reviews causes of fast android cellphone RAM full, hopefully it’s useful and don’t forget to share it with your friends who have a hot phone to read this article. Thank you

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