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How to Overcome Total Football Lag – Besides FIFA Mobile and eFootball PES Mobile, there is now a new Soccer game called Total Football. In this game you can feel more excitement that has never been found in any Mobile version of the Soccer game.

But just like Mobile games in general, some Total Football users also often complain about some problems, including Lag or broken. Yes, problems like that really interfere with the fun of playing the game.


For those of you Total Football players who may experience such problems, please continue to read this article to find out the solution. So, in the following article we have prepared an explanation on how to overcome Total Football Lag.

Generally, those who experience this problem are HP Potato users or the specifications of the device used are not sufficient to play the game. Well, instead of being curious, just look at the full explanation below.

Causes of Total Football Lag

Causes of Total Football Lag

For those of you who have previously debated who is the best between FIFA Mobile and PES Mobile, now comes the latest Football game called Total Football. This game offers Graphics display that is much more real than the two Football games.

In addition, Total Football also offers many new features that have never been found in FIFA Mobile, eFootball PES Mobile or other Mobile Soccer games. One of the new features that is quite stealing the attention is the creation of the Club Logo and the selection of Jersey or Kit for the Club that is made.

Besides, based on Total Football review from various aspects also shows that this game has several plus values ​​for its competitors. So, it’s only natural that until now many Android and iOS users have installed and started playing Total Football.

Even so, that doesn’t mean Total Football has completely escaped negative user comments. Yes, there are some users who complain that when playing Total Football they often experience Lag.

Though please note that the problem does not actually come from the service provider, but due to several factors as follows:

1. Insufficient Smartphone Specifications

The first cause is that the smartphone used has inadequate specifications. So, Total Football does apply the minimum specifications for iOS or Android devices that want to play the game.

2. Too Many Recent Apps

The second cause is Recent App or too many apps running in the background. That way, the performance of RAM to run Total Football is disrupted and causes the game to lag or break.

3. Cache Files Piling

The third cause is of course because the Cache Files accumulate. Cache files can be generated from every activity that occurs on the device such as accessing internet sites, running game applications and so on. When the Cache File is too much, it can fill the internal memory to have an impact on the performance of the smartphone in operating the Total Football application.

4. Graphic Settings Too High

As for the last cause, the Graphics setting applied is too high and does not match the HP specs used. For example, your cellphone only has 4 GB of RAM with 64 GB of Internal Storage, but forcing to use Ultra Graphics settings, the result is that the game will experience severe lag even to Force Close (out itself).

How to Overcome Total Football Lag

How to Overcome Total Football Lag

After listening to some of the causes of Total Football Lag, now let’s move on to how to solve this problem. Actually, how to overcome Lag in Total Football is not much different from how to overcome Lag in other games, namely:

1. Delete Recent Apps

The first way is to delete all Recent Apps except Total Football. In this way, the RAM performance on the device can be optimal again as well as overcome the Lag problem in the Total Football game.

2. Clear Cache Files

The second way is to clean the cache files that have accumulated through the Settings menu or take advantage of the device’s default Cleaner application or special applications downloaded on the Play Store. In essence, when the Cache Files have been cleaned, the Lag problem is guaranteed to be resolved.

3. Lower Graphics Settings

The next way to overcome Lag on Total Football or lower the Graphics settings that are applied. Here we recommend using the Graphics setting at the Normal level of 30 fps. That way, it is guaranteed that the Total Football match can run smoothly without any lags, even more so until Force Close.

4. Device Upgrades

While the last way to overcome Total Football Lag is to replace the device used to play the game. Yes, this method applies if the problem above comes from inadequate device specifications. Use a smartphone at least 4 GB RAM with 128 GB internal for Android. As for iOS, use an iPhone or iPad that already supports the operating system version 11.0 and above.


That’s all the discussion from regarding the causes and how to overcome Lag in Total Football on potato HP. So, you just need to reduce the applications running in the background, clear the Cache Files and lower the Graphics settings. That way, Total Football can run smoothly without Lag, even when operated on HP Potatoes.

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