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How to Ultimate Naruto PS3 – As players of the Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution game on PS3, surely many of you often encounter tough enemies. In this game, each character has a Jutsu or Ulti that can make the opponent lose in a short time.

For beginners, maybe many don’t know what Naruto’s Ulti is like on PS3. Therefore, through the following article we will explain how to Ulti or issue Jutsu in the Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution game.


Not only Naruto, you can also issue Jutsu when using other characters in the Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution game such as Kakashi, Sashuke and so on. If you master the Jutsu tricks, it is guaranteed that you can become a Pro Player of the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution game.

So what are the Ulti Naruto and other characters in Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution? How to do the Ulti? Without further ado, just take a look at the full explanation below.

How to Ultimate Naruto PS3

How to Ultimate Naruto PS3

Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution is one of many best Naruto games. The game can be played through several platforms, such as PPSSPPXbox One to PlayStation 3. Especially for those of you who often play this game on PS3, you must know the information that we will share below.

As we mentioned above that in playing the PS3 Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution game, sometimes we find very good opponents. They can do Ulti tricks that make us lose instantly.

If they can, we can too. Yes, here we have prepared the Ultimate Naruto PS3 procedure. In this way, you can turn things around and make your opponent lose. But before we explain further, you first need to consider the following information.

Naruto games on PS3 can be played through several modes, including Tournament (vs. COM), Survival and VS Battle (vs. User / vs. COM) using two (2) sticks. In addition, specifically for the Single Player game mode, you can determine the level of difficulty of the opponent you are facing.

If you fight with the highest level of difficulty, then your opponent certainly has many ways to do the Ulti or Jutsu of the character used. On the other hand, if you fight an enemy with a low level of difficulty (Easy), then your opponent will only do light attacks and you can also defeat him easily.

Now, when facing a good opponent, both in Single Player and Free Battle, you must master the Ultimate Naruto PS3 method. There are several Jutsus available in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm PS3, including:

1. Six Paths Tailed

Six Paths Tailed Best Strike

First, there is Ulti Six Path Tailed. When doing this Ulti, Naruto will issue a chain stick with a fire iron head to hit the enemy. The Ultimate Naruto Six Path Tailed method is as follows:

Press the O button 6 times

2. Comet Attack

Comet Attack

Second, there is also the Ultimate Naruto PS3 Comet Attack method. This Ulti or Jutsu can be done by pressing the following buttons on the PS3 Controller:

Press O 4 times + Slide Analog L left + Navigate up + O button 2 times

The Ulti Comet Attack will make Naruto’s character run towards the opponent then give a barrage of blows and end with a smack of the stick towards the enemy that makes him lie down in a few seconds.

3. Super Tailed Beast

Super Tailed Beast Rasen Shuriken

Third, we also have the Ultimate Naruto PS3 method called Super Tailed Beast. This Ulti can be done via the following buttons:

Press O 4 times + Slide Analog L to the left + Navigate down + O button 2 times

Through this Jutsu, Naruto will give a barrage of punches and ends with throwing fireballs at the opponent to create a super powerful explosion.

4. Tailed Beast Bomb

Tailed Beast Bomb Rasen Shuriken

Fourth, in playing the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution game on PS3 you can also use the Ultimate Tailed Beast Bomb by:

Press the Triangle button 1 time + O button 1 time

This jutsu will reward the opponent with a large black ball wrapped in flames. When receiving this Ulti, the enemy’s life or Blood can be reduced by up to 30%.

5. Dive Bomb Rasengan

Dive Bomb Rasengan

Fifth, when using the Naruto character in the Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution PS3 game, you can also do Ulti Dive Bomb by:

Press X Button 3 Times + O Button 4 Times

This method will make Naruto do a barrage of punches in the air.

6. Support Team

Support Team 1

Sixth, you can also ask for help from other characters through Jutsu or Ulti Support Team. How to do the Ulti Support Team are:

Ulti Nama name Method
Support Team 1 Press R1 Button Once
Support Team 2 Press L1 Button Once

After pressing the button, other characters such as Kakashi, Sasuke, Shikamaru or others will appear to assist the attack by giving their Ulti.

7. Six Paths Massive

Six Path Massive Rasen Shuriken

Next up is Naruto’s most powerful Ulti, namely Six Paths Massive. This ulti will spawn Kurama to give a powerful super attack and can make the enemy die instantly. As for how to issue Ulti Naruto Six Path Massive are:

Press Triangle Button 2 Times + O Tombol Button


That’s the information from on how to remove Jutsu or Ulti from Naruto in the Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution PS3 game. All of the Ulti above can be used when playing in Survival Mode, Tournament or Free Battle 1P vs 2P, as long as the character used is Uzumaki Naruto.

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