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Alms CF Domino – As a Higgs Domino Island player, you definitely need Chip or Coin items. If you have a chip, then you can have the capital to play in all game modes on Higgs Domino Island.

Later if you succeed in winning or the Jackpot, you will get a number of chips that can be sold and earn up to millions of rupiah. Therefore, it is not uncommon for players to be willing to spend money for Top Up Chips to be able to play on Higgs Domino Island (HDI).


But please note that when you don’t have a chip, you can actually get a chip for free through the Alms menu from a friend. Even so, sometimes the nominal Alms from friends is not so much, especially if a friend’s account has been hit by the chip sending limit.

In addition to the friend’s Alms feature, did you know that now there is also a lot of talk about the CF Alms feature. Surely many of you don’t know about this one alms. Therefore, here we have prepared a complete discussion regarding Alms CF at Higgs Domino Island.

What is Alms CF HDI?

As we mentioned above that Chip or Coin items have a very important role in the Higgs Domino game, especially for those of you who have reached Level 5. So, when you reach that Level you can play the Higgs Domino Island Slot to get as many Chips as possible.

When you succeed in the Jackpot in FaFaFa, Dragon or other rooms, you have the opportunity to get 99B Chips and then you can do it Unload Chip to earn up to millions of rupiah.

But to play slots, you must have chips as initial capital. If the Chip balance is up, you can ask for Alms to friends or other users. Now there are many Alms Groups on WhatsAppTelegram, Facebook and others that can be used to get free chips.

If this method doesn’t work to collect Chips, then you can use Domino’s CF Alms. What is Alms CF? So, Alms CF is a collection of sites that reportedly provide free chips for Higgs Domino players.

The nominal amount of free chips that can be obtained from the Sedekah CF site is not half-hearted, which can reach 100B and even more. If this is true, then this method can clearly be the best choice to collect chips without having to spend money to top up.

Domino’s CF Alms Link

Domino's CF Alms Link

Continuing the discussion above, here we have prepared some links to the Sedekah CF site. But before that, please note that the link that we provide below is not 100% accessible.

This is because the Alms site is often overloaded due to too many visitors. Even so, it doesn’t hurt you to try to enter the following alternative link and claim the free Alms Chip in it:

  • claims

Then if the link above is still accessible, then later there will be several additional steps that must be taken to successfully get the available Alms Chip. You can see more detailed information below.

How to Claim Free Chips on the CF Alms Site

How to Claim Free Chips on the CF Alms Site

So, after successfully logging into the Sedekah CF site, you still have to do the procedure for claiming a free chip in it. In this process you need a condition in the form of a User ID for the account you want to fill in the Chip.

If you have 5 Higgs Domino accounts, then you need the User ID of each of these accounts. In addition, later on, you will also need to enter your account password to complete the free chip collection process at the Sedekah CF link.

When everything is ready, now follow the steps below:

  1. Visit one of Domino’s CF Alms sites which we present above
  2. After successfully logging in, on the main page you select menu Claim
  3. Then enter User ID in the available column
  4. If so, press the button Organize Data
  5. On the next page you click the button ID injection
  6. After that you will receive an incoming email from Sedekah CF containing a unique code. Please open the Email inbox and click Copy Code in the inbox.
  7. Then return to the Sedekah CF page and paste code in the available column
  8. Final, enter password Higgs Domino account to complete the Chip Claim process in Alms CF

Now try to login to Higgs Domino and check your inbox, if there is already a Chip submission, it means that you have successfully Claimed Chip from Sedekah CF Domino’s.

CF Domino’s Free Chips Advantages & Disadvantages

Until here, you already know the CF Domino Alms sites complete with the terms and procedures for claiming free chips in them. Meanwhile, please note that the process of taking chips from Sedekah CF turns out to have several advantages and disadvantages, including the following:


  • Get free Chips in bulk
  • Easy Claim Process
  • Does not require special conditions


  • The Alms CF site is often overloaded so it can’t be accessed
  • Potential to cause data theft, because the user is asked to enter a password


That’s the information from regarding the CF Higgs Domino Island Alms site link. But we remind you once again that all the Alms CF links that we present above are not fully accessible.

As for those who are lucky to be able to access the CF Domino Alms alternative link, then all you have to do is take the free chip with the procedure that we have presented above. In this process we recommend that you use a backup Account ID (not the main Account) to avoid unwanted things.

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