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Who has ever played euro truck simulator 2? I believe most readers GUIDEBS already played it. I’ve also played the game euro truck simulator 2 pc (personal computer version). Well, recently I found the mobile version of the euro truck simulator for Android and iOS. Therefore, I want to share it, so we can enjoy it together.

About Euro Truck Simulator 2

Okay, euro truck simulator 2 which is famous for its abbreviation ets2 is the best truck simulator game right now. ETS2 is games truck simulation developed by SCS Software. The first Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS 2) was released on 19 October 2019 with open development (open source) for WindowsLinux and OS X. Now ETS 2 is available for android and ios platforms.

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Features Features of ETS 2

In gem euro truck simulator 2 you will find various features that are available. The features on Gem Ets 2 Android and iOS are not inferior to those on PC. The following features ets 2 android and ios:

  • The HD truck display is similar to the original model.
  • The roads are in accordance with the actual road conditions.
  • There is an engine display, speed speedometer and gasoline, maps located on the truck dashboard are very similar to the original truck.
  • There is traffic light (traffic light) and speed camera.
  • There was the sound of horns and the traffic of other cars and trucks on the streets.
  • You will be fined if you violate the traffic rules.
  • There is a gas station, where you can refuel. So the vehicle will not be able to run if your gas runs out.
  • There are directions for each city you visit.
  • The weather varies, it can be rainy and hot, as well as day and night.
  • There is a wiper that is useful for cleaning the glass when the view is not visible by rainwater.
  • Some types of trucks already have GPS on the truck dashboard.
  • Possible collision with effect sound like the original.
  • It has 3 camera points of view, namely from inside the dashboard, behind the truck, and from an aerial point of view.
  • Modify the truck such as changing the axle and tires and customizing the look of the truck.
  • Huge map having 71 cities with 12 different countries.
  • Can turn on imported music via cellphone or listen to radio online.

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How to Play ETS2

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Android Gameplay
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Android Gameplay

The story here you will play the role of a cargo truck driver. To play ets 2, you can do it in 2 ways. Namely the first by completing missions, and the second by Free Walks.

Completing Missions

In game mode complete missions. First you will choose a city that will be used as the location of the headquarters. Then for the first time you will become a hired driver at one of the delivery companies. Everything needed to make deliveries like truck and all costs (fuel, toll road, ferry crossing) will be borne by the company.

After that, when you have earned enough money or it could be by borrowing a bank, you can buy truck alone. From here you can make more money by delivering cargo using your own truck.

In addition, the money you earn, can be used to upgrade or buy new trucks, hire drivers to take delivery. And with the money you have it can be useful to buy more warranties or expand the warranty to accommodate more trucks and drivers.

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Free Walk

Free walking means that you can freely walk around and explore the maps available on ETS 2. You can travel around 71 cities and 12 countries. To do this, of course, you have to need money to buy truck gasoline and crossing fees when you want to move islands.

However, with this freeway game method, you don’t need to follow the mission. You are not required to adjust the speed so as not to damage the contents of the cargo. You freely pull the gas to the maximum speed.

Minimum Specifications HP Gem ETS2

Almost all cellphones can be used to play ETS 2 games. Because the specifications required are not too high. However, you still have to pay attention to the following minimum system requirements. So that you can still run the ETS2 game APK.

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System Minimum Requirements

  • System Operation (OS) 4.0 or above
  • Random Access Memory (RAM) 4GB
  • Read Only Memory (ROM) 8GB
  • Internal Free Space 100MB

You can use any brand and type of cellphone, your smartphone can install this application. If you are an iOS user then you need at least an iPhone 6 to run this game smoothly. If you are still confused about how to check the specifications of the cellphone you have. Please Check 100% accurate HP specifications here.

Download Euro Truck Simulator 2 Android and iOS

Next, make sure to download euro truck simulator 2 android or ios after the smartphone you are using meets the requirements minimum system requirements to play this ets2 gem. If it meets the minimum specifications. You can download according to your smartphone OS. Before that, try to also pay attention to the information about the ETS 2 APK Android and iOS

ETS 2 APK Information Android and iOS

App Name Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mobile
Category Simulator
Developer SCS Software
Operating system Android 4.0+ or ​​iphone 6 and above
ETS 2 APK Size 8MB
Price FREE
Information on ETS 2 FREE

Download Euro Truck Simulator 2 Android and iOS

After knowing about ETS 2 and the minimum system to run gem euro truck emulator 2 android. Now, it’s time to download ets 2.

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Download Euro Truck Simulator 2 for Android

Download Euro Truck Simulator 2 for iOS

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How to Install Euro Truck Simulator 2 Android

Next is to install the APK after successfully downloading ets 2 android. Because after successfully downloading the APK file gem ets 2, you can’t directly play it. You have to install it first. How to install game est 2 is quite easy. Please follow the steps how to install ets2 below.

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Steps to Install ETS2 on Android

  1. Make sure you have downloaded est 2 from the link provided above.
  2. If this is the first time installing applications from outside the Playstore, then you need to enable installing applications from unknown sources. the following way.

How to activate the installation of applications from unknown sources, namely go to Settings cell phone > security > Unknown sources > activate. Each type of cellphone can have different settings. Adjust by setting in each smartphone We.

  1. Install APK files.
  2. Done, now you can play gem euro truck simulator 2 on android.

For the first time playing ets2 make sure you are connected to the internet. Because you will download OBB data directly via the internet.

Conclusion Download ETS 2 on Android

Finally, gem euro truck simulator 2 is suitable for those of you who like the sensation of driving with trucks and also truck mania lovers. Here you only download the APK file, the OBB data will be automatically downloaded the first time you play it. ETS 2 has extensive maps so it is also suitable for walking and relaxing by driving a truck around between cities.

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Well, that’s information about gem truck simulator and how to download euro truck simulator 2 mobile and how to install it. If there is something unclear about gem truck simulator 2 android and ios, you can ask by writing in the comments column that is already available.

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