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Have you been using WhatsApp for a long time? Application chat most popular in Indonesia and even in the world. Yes, Apps whatsapp it has made it easier for us to communicate. However, some people are not satisfied with the features available on WhatsApp. Therefore, a modified whatsapp was created called GB WhatsApp.

In brief GB WhatsApp is a short messaging platform (chat) WhatsApp which has been modified by a third party with additional features. Actually on previous post I have mentioned a little about the GB WhatsApp Pro APK application. In this article, GUIDEBS will review it in more detail.

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What is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is a whatsapp application that has been modified with added a myriad of features that do not exist in the official whatsapp application. GB WhatsApp or WhatsApp GB or GB WA or WA GB are popular applications. Not a few users leave the official whatsapp and choose to use this modified GB Whatsapp. The reason is because official WhatsApp has limited features than GBWhatsApp has more features.

GBWhatsApp more or less the same as YoWhatsApp which I have posted before. The difference is only in some of the features in each application.

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GBWhatsApp Information

App Name GB WhatsApp
New version V.11
Last update 1 day ago
File size 44.9MB
Total Downloads 6,000,000+
Operating system Android 4.3 and Up
Price FREE
Developer Third party
GB WhatsApp application detail information

GB WhatsApp Advantages and Features

Application GBWhatsApp APK 2021 is designed with a million features that you can use on Android smartphone your favorite. The following are the excellent features found in the WA GB application.

1. Auto Reply Message

This feature is more or less the same as in WhatsApp Business. You can reply to messages automatically to your friends anytime and anywhere.

2. Sending Broadcast Messages

Besides Auto-Reaply, You can also send broadcast messages to your group. So you don’t need to select contacts one by one. Wow, what a cool feature.

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3. DND (Do Not Disturb)

It means don’t bother. If you don’t want to be disturbed by the WhatsApp application. You can also turn off the internet connection only for this GB Whatsapp application. So, you are free to do other activities that use the internet without being disturbed by notifications from the WA GB application.

4. Anti delete messages

If you like to be confused by your friend’s or boyfriend’s messages that are suddenly deleted before you read it. You can use this feature. So you can still see messages he has deleted even though you haven’t read them.

5. Anti delete status (story)

The latest is anti delete story. If any of your friends make a status or story wa and then they delete it, you will still be able to see a friend’s story that has been deleted as long as it’s not 24 hours.

6. Download status (story wa)

One of my favorite features in the WAGB app. You can download every story that a friend of your contacts uploads. In fact, besides that you can also download the status of friends who have been deleted.

7. Message Filter

WhatsAppGB has designed its app with a message filter feature. You can clean chat and also search or filter chat with certain keywords.

8. Message History

Users can view the history of messages that have been deleted. Yes, this feature allows you to view the history of deleted messages in your contacts and even in groups.

9. multiple Delete Message

With the GB WA application you can also delete or withdraw several messages at the same time.

10. Send maximum images with high quality

Compared to the official whatsapp application, with GBWhatsApp you can send more than 90 images in one send. In addition, users can send videos up to 50MB and audio files up to 100MB to your contacts. Furthermore, WA GB also does not convert images to low, it still maintains high quality images.

11. Hide Online Status

With this feature you can hide online status on whatsapp. Apart from that, the best thing is that you can still see the online status of your contacts. Yes, this feature is of course only owned by WhatsAppGB and does not exist in the official WhatsApp application.

12. Hiding Blue Ticks

When you want to read a message but don’t want your friends to know you’ve read it, this is the feature for you. You can hide the blue tick until you reply to the message. You will be safe if you just read it and don’t reply to messages. Because your friends don’t know if you’ve read it hehe.

13. Hiding Signs While Typing

Indonesian netizens are cynical people. When someone is typing for a long time or typing but it doesn’t get sent, it can be sarcastic hehe. Well, by using the WAGB application you can hide the “typing“. So your friends don’t know you’re typing.

14. Hiding Signs While Recording

The concept of this feature is the same as hiding the sign while typing. You can record audio without being noticed by your friends. This feature works when you chat directly to personal or in group chats.

15. Notice

The GB WA application also notifies you if your friends are online or change their profile photo. You will get the information toast on the top screen smartphone.

Disadvantages and Dangers of GB WhatsApp

After discussing at length the advantages of this GBWhatsApp application, it doesn’t feel right if it doesn’t provide its drawbacks. If you don’t pay close attention to this deficiency, it could be a danger to its users. Okay, let’s just review the shortcomings and dangers of this GB WA application.

GBWhatsApp Dangers

  • First, the thing you need to pay attention to when you want to install the GB WhatsApp Pro APK application is that the account is prone to being blocked or banned from WhatsApp. Your account (mobile number) can be blocked and cannot be re-registered on WhatsApp. Tips to avoid accounts being banned is to always update the WA GB application to the latest version.
  • WhatsApp GB is not illegal, but not official. So it is not available on Google Playstore. It means you can’t download on PlayStore. You can download it at PANDUANBS.
  • Shared messages may not be secure. It could be that a third party can find out the contents of your message. So don’t share highly confidential personal information in this app.

My advice is not to use the main number if you want to use this whatsapp mod. Do not use real numbers or the ones you use every day.

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Requirements for Using GB WhatsApp

Before you will install the latest version of the GB WhatsApp Pro APK application, make sure smartphone you meet the minimum system for using the WA GB application. If you use smartphone new release, you can skip section this and directly download the GBWhatsApp application in the next sub section.

System Requirements GB WhatsApp

  • Android Operating System 4.3 or above
  • There is Internet Access on the Smartphone (I recommend using wifi)
  • Requires storage access permission (at least you have enough storage space for whatsapp app)
  • Requires contact access permission
  • Make sure you have uninstalled the old WhatsApp application. (One mobile number cannot be used on two whatsapp applications, even though both are whatsapp mod applications. One mobile number can only be used by one running whatsapp application)

If you are still unsure about the specifications of your cellphone, whether it meets the requirements for using WhatsApp GB. You can check it here.

GB WhatsApp download link

After understanding about the advantages and disadvantages of WhatsApp GB and the requirements for using it, it’s time for you to download the GB WhatsApp application. There are two options to download it. Download from mediafire and from Dropbox. Here’s the download link for GBWhatsApp.

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How to Install WhatsApp GB

How to install the GB Whatsapp application is not difficult. Maybe many of you already know and some of you are the first thing to do. Because WhatsApp GB is not available on the PlayStore, therefore WA GB must be installed manually. For those who are new for the first time, there is no need to worry. GUIDEBS will help every step of the way.

Steps to Install GB WhatsApp

1. Enable Install from unknown sources

Enable install from unknown sources
Enable install from unknown sources

You need to know if this is your first time installing an application from outside the Playstore, then you are obliged to do this step. If you have previously done this setting, you can go directly to the second point.

First, go to phone settings. Then select security. Next search Unknown sources. Then change the unknown sources to active. So if summarized it would be phone settings > security > Unknown sources > activate.

2. Open GBWhatsApp PRO APK

Install GB WhatsApp
Install GB WhatsApp

The next step is to open the previously downloaded GBWhatsApp. Then we will do the installation of applications in general.


GB WhatsApp Pro APK is a whatsapp application developed by a third party. Although not illegal, this application is not official. So that WA GB users are very vulnerable to being banned by WhatsApp. To overcome this, you can update GBWhatsapp regularly.

On the other hand, WhatsApp GB has a myriad of features that official WhatsApp does not have. These various excellent features are the main attraction for WhatsApp mod users and switch from ordinary WhatsApp because of their limited features. So, are you ready to use and download the latest version of GB WhatsApp Pro APK?

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