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With the development of the times, many smartphones already have specifications such as computers. It also makes more and more users smartphone in this world. Because it can be said, that smartphone It has the advantage of being easy to carry and easy to use. Therefore, many game developers make games the pc version becomes games version cell phone. One of them is the GTA game developer (Grand Theft Auto). GTA 5 game which was originally only available on the PC. Now the Android version is also available. You can download GTA 5 Android and play it now.

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About GTA 5 Android

GTA V Mobile APKs
GTA V Mobile

GTA 5 is the latest game from the game series Grand Theft Auto (GTA) developed by RockStar. RockStar first launch Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (GTA SA), a game that is still very legendary to this day. The release of GTA 5 made a new face for rocstar because the game has new features and more realistic graphics.

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) is a game open word which can make players feel like in the real world. In games With this adventure theme you can accept and complete missions. In addition, if you have ever played GTA San Andreas, you must already know how wide and complex the map in GTA SA is. Well, in GTA 5 you will find a much better map than before.

GTA 5 offers HD resolution game graphics which are definitely suitable for the Android gaming class. The characters and models seem real. You will find big cities, various types of cars, weapons shops, to self-appearance such as clothes shops and haircut shops.

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History of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Game

Behind the success of the game Grand Theft Auto (GTA) also has a unique story in the making of this legendary game. There are debates to rejection because of some controversial actions. You can watch movies The Gamechangers produced by the BBC.

Latest Features of GTA V Android

RockStar continue to update and always develop the game better for the satisfaction and best experience for its users. Some of the newest features are:

  1. Improved vehicle steering control so that it is smoother and better than the previous version
  2. Improved GTA 5 game graphics quality
  3. Added various vehicles and weapons
  4. Complete exciting additional missions
  5. Indonesian language support
  6. Compatible with bluetooth gamepad
  7. Fixed existing bugs

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How to Play GTA V Mobile Game

There are 4 game modes that you can play in the game Grand theft Auto 5 this. You can play with friends, do missions, free mode, even play in different ways cheats (cheat). You can choose all of them according to your taste. Here’s a brief review of the GTA 5 game modes.

1. Play with friends or other users

The first mode, you can play online on line in open word. In the game, you will find other users or your friends in one map and one server. Yes, you can play together with all of them, GTA 5 Android users directly real time. It’s fun, but don’t make a riot, okay?

2. Doing Missions in GTA 5 Android Game

Just like the previous version of GTA SA. In the second game mode, you can do various available missions. This mission is one way for you to earn money. You will meet big mafia bosses and follow their missions or orders. Some of the missions that can be done are stalking someone, capturing certain people, buying weapons, smuggling goods and so on.

3. Play Free Looking for Challenges

The third mode is free play. You can do anything you want. Like a game open word. You are free to go anywhere and do anything. However, how to earn money in GTA 5? Apart from missions, you can actually earn money in other ways. You can earn money by immobilizing road users and taking their money. In addition, you can pickpocket modern or steal in different ways hack accounts of people on the streets as in GTA 5 PC.

4. Play with Cheats

Last is fashion cheats or playing underhanded. In the cheat game mode allows the users to do things that are not fair. For example, making a nominal amount of 999,999,999 to infinity. Or use anti-police cheats and be immune from bullets. But this mode is one of the most favorite to play GTA 5 Android MOD.

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Mobile Specifications for Playing GTA 5 Android

When you want to download GTA 5 Android for you to play on your smart phone. You have to pay attention to the following things. Because not all cellphones can play games GTA 5. It takes certain specifications so that you are more optimal in playing GTA 5 on the smartphone. You must have the following minimum specifications:

GTA 5 Android Minimum System Requirements

  • System Operation (OS) 4.0 or above
  • Random Access Memory (RAM) 3GB
  • Read Only Memory (ROM) 16GB
  • Internal Free Space 500MB
  • CPU 4 cores 1.7 GHz or more

Then, you can use any android phone type and version. Because the GTA V game is a user-friendly game. However, if you still feel confused about the specifications of the cellphone you have. You cancheck your hp specs here so that you know if it is possible to play the GTA 5 Android MOD game.

How to Download GTA 5 on Android?

To download GTA 5 Android, the method is very easy. Just click the download link below. Before downloading GTA 5 Android, make sure you have read the specifications of the cellphone you need and your cellphone is in accordance with the specifications to play the GTA Android 5 game.

GTA 5 Mobile APK Information

App Name GTA 5 Android
Category Adventure
Developer RockStar Games
Operating system 4.0 and above
File Size 17Mb
Total Downloads 1 million more
Price FREE
GTA 5 Mobile APK game details

Download GTA 5 Android MOD APK Full Paid + OBB Data

Here’s the download link for the GTA 5 Android MOD APK. Download GTA 5 Android for FREE right now. Join and enjoy various exciting adventures in it.

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How to Install GTA V APK Android

After successfully downloading the full GTA 5 Android APK with its OBB data. Now you can proceed to the installation process. How to install the gta 5 apk game on Android is quite easy. Please follow the following instructions.

Steps to Install GTA V APK on Android

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the gta 5 apk + OBB data
  2. Enable install application from an unknown source.

How to enter phone settings > security > Unknown sources > activate. Each type of cellphone can have different settings. Adjust by setting in each smartphone We.

  1. Extract files “”. Move the extracted folder to “Disc/Android/obb
  2. Install files “APK-GTA-5-Android-MOD-GUIDEBS.apk
  3. Done, Now you can play GTA 5 on Android.

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GTA V APK Conclusion on Android

GTA games are popular adventure games open word theme gangster. The latest release is the GTA V or GTA 5 APK which can be played on the Android console. There are 4 game modes that can be played. Grand Theft Auto is a game for ages 17 and over because there is violence in it. The download process is not complicated and installing the GTA 5 game apk on Android is very easy.

Well, that’s an article about the GTA 5 game. If you have questions or don’t understand the installation process, please write them in the comments column. See also various other interesting games here. Hopefully this article can be useful and happy playing.

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