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Who doesn’t know the game GTA aka Grand Theft Auto? Yes, game console It has been popular since it was first released. Games made by developers Rockstar Games North this is the theme gangster and is a game open word. At first the GTA game was only available on the desktop or personal computer (PC). However, it is currently available on smartphone Android. So what are you waiting for? Just download gta sa android ori now at GUIDEBS.

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About GTA San Andreas Android

Quote from official websiteGTA San Andreas was first released on October 26, 2004 by developers Rockstar Gamem, Rockstar North, and War Drum Studios. Currently, GTA SA games are available on various platforms such as PS3, PS4, Xbox, PC, Mac, Kindle, Windows Phone to Android. To get GTA San Andreas on Android you need to prepare $6.99 or around 100k rupiah. However, if you download gta sa android ori on PANDUANBS, you can save 100k, aka you can download it directly. free!

gta san andreas android bike ride
gta sa andrid bike

GTA SA is a 3D (3 Dimensional) game. The GTA game on Android devices provides a fairly extensive map covering the state of San Andreas and its three main cities (Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas). In the GTA SA game you will be invited to an adventure like a gangster. There are various missions that must be completed to find out the storyline of the GTA game to the end. In addition to the mission mode, you can also play freely without having to follow the existing missions.

The GTA San Andreas game has a unique character, namely using jeans and singlet shirts. However, if you are bored or not satisfied with the default appearance of GTA SA characters. You can change your appearance by buying clothes at a clothing store, or by changing the gta sa character’s hair style at babershop with some money. For how to get money in the game gta sa read in the section how to play gta sa on android.

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Features of GTA SA Android Ori

download gta sa android ori police
gta sa android police motorbike

GTA San Andreas has many features that would probably be full if they were all written down. I will give some of the excellent features found in the Android version of GTA SA. Here are the superior features:

  1. High resolution images that have been adapted to Android standards including improvements to lighting and character improvisation.
  2. There are three different control schemes and controls that can be customized as needed to display buttons only when needed.
  3. The existence of cloud storage makes it easier for you to play on various synchronized devices.
  4. The map or Map in the game is extensive, covering the state of San Andreas and its three main cities, namely Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas.
  5. Various vehicles typical of the 90’s.
  6. Can set image quality according to technology smartphone-your.

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How to Play GTA SA (San Andreas)

To play GTA on the Android version, you can run 3 modes at once. The modes that you can play in this version of gta sa are mission mode, free mode, and mode cheats (cheat way). The following is an explanation of the GTA game mode.

jetpack gta sa android original
jetpack gta sa android

1. Play by Doing Missions in GTA SA Android

The first mode is that you can play the game gta sa android ori by doing the available missions. In this way, you can also get reward money after completing missions. You will meet various mafia bosses who will give you missions and change after successfully completing the mission.

You will find various unique and exciting missions such as stalking someone, picking up weapons, capturing certain people, smuggling items and others.

2. Play Freely Without Missions

The second gta sa game mode is free without missions. This means that you can play anywhere around the world without having to follow the missions of the GTA game. But the drawback is that some areas in the GTA game will be locked before you complete the mission.

3. Playing with GTA San Andreas Cheats

This third one plays in a way cheats (cheat). You can cheat with third-party applications. Some cheats that you can do are unlimited money, opening all regions, weapon ammunition, and so on.

By using cheats will definitely add to the fun of the game in free mode. You will feel like your own world and become a rich person in the world of the game gta sa. haha

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Minimum HP Game Specifications GTA SA APK

When you want to play the GTA San Andreas game, make sure your cellphone meets the following minimum specifications. Because not all cellphones can install and run the gta sa apk. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the following information.

System Minimum Requirements GTA SA Android Ori

  • System Operation (OS) 4.0 or above
  • Random Access Memory (RAM) 2GB
  • Read Only Memory (ROM) 16GB
  • Internal Free Space 500MB
  • CPU 4 cores 1.7 GHz or more

For the brand and type of cellphone you can use anything, as long as it meets the specifications above you can play the game gta san andreas without lag or smooth. If you are still confused about the specifications of the cellphone you have, you can read the article how to find out hp specifications.

Download GTA SA Android Ori

After smartphone– you have met the minimum specifications to play the game gta sa. Now it’s time for you to download the gta sa android ori file. The method is very easy, you just click the download link that has been downloaded GUIDEBS provide. Before that, first read the information about the gta san andreas apk file.

GTA SA APK APK Information

App Name GTA San Andreas
Category Adventure, Gangster
Developer Rockstar
Operating system Android 4.0 and above
GTA SA APK File Size 28MB
GTA SA OBB File Size 1.7GB
Total Downloads 6,000,000,000+
Price FREE
gta sa android ori information

Download GTA SA Android Ori Full APK + OBB Data

Here is the download link for gta sa android ori. There are files for gta sa v1.08 and gta sa v2.08. If your cellphone os is below Android 7.0, then you can only download gta sa v1.08.

Download GTA San Andreas V1.08

Download GTA San Andreas V2.0 (only for Android 7.0 and above)

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How to Install GTA SA APK Android Ori

After successfully downloading gta sa android ori, you can’t play it right away. But you have to install it first. For how to install gta san andreas, please follow the steps below.

Steps to Install GTA SA APK+OBB Data file

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the gta sa android ori apk + OBB data
  2. Turn off the internet connection before installing gta san andreas.
  3. Enable install application from an unknown source.

How to activate the installation of applications from unknown sources, namely go to Settings cell phone > security > Unknown sources > activate. Each type of cellphone can have different settings. Adjust by setting in each smartphone We.

  1. Extract the obb file which has the zip extension. Move folder “com.rockstargames.gtasa” to “Disc/Android/obb

Note – to extract the file (.zip) you can use a file manager or third-party application to extract data in the playstore.

  1. Install files “GTA_SA_(guidebs).apk
  2. Done, Now you can play GTA San Andreas on Android and restart the internet connection.

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Well, that’s the explanation of the game gta sa android ori and how to download and install gta sa android apk + obb data. If done sequentially and carefully, of course you can install and play it directly.

If you still haven’t succeeded or there are problems regarding downloading GTA SA Android Ori Apk, you can write it in the comments column. GUIDELINES will try to reply and help you. Don’t forget to take a look too various interesting games which you can download on your android to fill your spare time.

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