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Download Link Legend of Legaia ISO – As lovers of adventure genre games since the PS1 era, surely many of you are already familiar with a game called Legend of Legaia. Miss the excitement of the game?

Don’t worry, here we will invite you to be nostalgic for playing the Legend of Legaia game. But now the PlayStation 1 Console device is very rarely found, then how do you play it?


Here we will not invite you to play Legend of Legaia on PS1 devices, but through Android smartphones. So, we will provide the Legend of Legaia ISO download link.

Later you only need to download the file and some supporting applications so that the game is operated on an Android smartphone. Well, instead of being curious, just look at the full explanation below.

Download Link Legend of Legaia ISO

Download Link Legend of Legaia ISO

Apart from Crash Bandicoot, Resident Evil and Harvest Moon, in the PlayStation 1 era there were also many who played an adventure game called Legend of Legaia. This game was first released in 1998 in Japan before finally being able to be played by PS1 rental customers in Indonesia in 2000.

Meanwhile, the excitement offered by one of the best PS1 RPG games This is the adventure of a young man named Vahn in defeating an evil creature named Seru. At the beginning of the game, we will be shown a Cut Scene about Exciting history.

Seru is an incarnation of God who is assigned to Earth to give power to everyone. But for one reason or another, the village was shrouded in fog and after that suddenly Seru, who was originally kind and obedient to humans, turned very savage and attacked every human in front of him.

From that incident, there were some humans who escaped and chose to build a tall fortress around the Beach with Vahn. Next you will act as Vahn and complete every heavy mission given to protect the villagers.

At this point, we think you have started to remember the times when you first played Legend of Legaia on PS1. Or for those of you who have never played this game at all, are you interested in going on an adventure mission with Vahn on Legend of Legaia PS1?

If so, please download the game file first via the following link. In addition to the Legend of Legaia PS1 ISO download link, we also include an ePSXe Emulator download link that is useful so that Legend of Legaia can be played through the Android smartphone screen.

For the Legend of Legaia PS1 ISO data file size is relatively small, which is only 195 MB (before Extracting). As for the ePSXe Emulator file, it is only 4 MB, so you can be sure that the two files don’t take up storage space on your Android smartphone at all.

After downloading the Legend of Legaia PS1 ISO file and the ePSXe Emulator via the link above, then all you have to do is install the ePSXe Emulator application. As for the game files, you still have to install them. In this process you need to install an additional application called ZArchiver.

The application can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store. If so, then you just have to follow the procedure below to install the Legend of Legaia PS1 ISO game on an Android smartphone:

1. Open ZArchiver

Open ZArchiver

First of all, please open the ZArchiver application on your smartphone

2. Search Files

Search File

After that search folder where you save the downloaded files above (Legend of Legaia data and the ePSXe Emulator application)

3. Extract Legend of Legaia ISO PS1

Extract Legend of Legaia ISO PS1
Extract Legend of Legaia PS1 2

Then tap the Legend of Legaia file and select Extract Herethen wait until the extraction process is 100% successful

4. Run the ePSXe Emulator

Run the ePSXe Emulator

If so, now run the ePSXe Emulator already installed

5. Select the Run Game Menu

Select Menu Run Game

On the main page please select menu Run Game

6. Run Legend of Legaia PS1

Run Legend of Legaia PS1
Index to ECM Format 2

Then search and click Legend of Legaia then wait for the process index ECM format to open the game

7. Happy Playing

Happy Playing 1

If the game is running, then you just have to follow the instructions to start the game. Have a nice play!

Legend of Legaia PS1 ISO full speed can be played Offline, aka without an internet connection. That way, you can play it anytime and anywhere.


That’s the information from regarding the Legend of Legaia ISO download link along with the ePSXe Emulator download link. Above we also explained that the role of the ePSXe Emulator here is to operate the ISO file of Legend of Legaia on Android devices.

Please download the game and the emulator via the link we have presented above. In addition, we also explain how to install Legend of Legaia ISO on Android smartphones through the ZArchiver application.

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