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Loving My Brother's Husband By Echa Wartuti

The presence of a child for a married couple is indeed the most coveted thing.

Never imagined in Elsa Maheswari’s mind if her own sister, Lina Maheswari asked her to give birth to a child from her husband’s seed. That means he has to sleep with his own brother-in-law, Abian Mahendra.

Wanted to refuse, but seeing her sister keep begging her made Elsa feel uncomfortable. Moreover, her sister has been married for 5 years and has not yet been blessed with a child.

In the end, Elsa agreed to her sister’s request, which seemed ridiculous.

One night without Abian’s knowledge, Elsa disguises herself as her sister and has sex with Abian. From that last night’s relationship, her brother-in-law’s seed grew in her womb.

However, from this forbidden relationship, Elsa’s love for her sister-in-law just grew, causing Elsa to darken her eyes and have an affair with Abian.

Even if the carcass is kept tightly, it will someday smell good too. Just like Elsa and Abian’s affair that Lina began to smell.

Download Novel Loving My Brother’s Husband – Echa Wartuti Pdf

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