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Midnight Hospital By Daniel Ahmad

About this ebook
It all started when my best friend, Helena, had to be hospitalized. One morning, when I took him for a breath of fresh air outside the room, we found the Lotus Room. An unused room at the end of corridor 10. Unmaintained rooms, cracked walls, crusty floors almost entirely covered with thick dust.
That night, Helena claimed to hear voices from the room. Like the sound of glass crashing. Every now and then someone screams. Of course I don’t believe it. Apart from the fact that my best friend is deaf, the Lotus Room is an unused space. It is impossible for anyone to hear from the building, which looks very dark at night.

Midnight Hospital is a story about a room that holds a dark story. Every midnight, a warning sign would be put up to prevent anyone from visiting the dark area. But one day, the hospital decided to return to using the room which resulted in awakening something that had been asleep for a long time.

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