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Naive Bastard By V Beytha

A handsome man who is indifferent and cool to everyone but so warm and polite to his family, loves a little girl when they were toddlers who is his neighbor’s child who has moved to another country.

Obsessed with his first love only with the look in the eyes of the girl with brown irises in the photo that hypnotizes him. He is still waiting for the girl to return to Indonesia.

But because of the influence of the association he can’t get rid of his burning lust when he sees beautiful and sexy women, he takes it out on every woman he wants.

Time continues to pass until fate brings him in a trance, the first love in the fantasy he wants is replaced by another woman.

Confused, restless, and restless in arranging the heart. Determining who he will marry, moreover, there is a woman he must marry for the sake of an accountability that he did not do.

Then who will he marry..the girl of the past, the love of the present or marrying someone with responsibility.

Download Novel Naive Bastards – V-Beytha Pdf

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