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A thrilling adventure to unravel the greatest mysteries of ancient Egypt. Egypt, 2153 BC. Carrying a mysterious item wrapped in cloth, 80 priests in veils headed for the Western Desert—with their entourage accompanied by a butcher.

4 weeks after that, after arriving at their destination, the butcher calmly slits the throats of the priests one by one, until one person remains who then cuts his own wrist just before the conclusion he also dies.

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Albania, 1986. An airplane took off for Sudan from a small airfield near the recently decommissioned Mtskheta nuclear research facility.

In the trunk of the plane is a cargo that will replace the Middle East forever. Somewhere over the Sahara Desert, the plane disappeared somewhere…

Western Desert, the present. A group of Bedouins creates a half-buried mummified corpse in a sand dune. Along with the mummy, a camera roll and a miniature clay obelisk were buried with strange hieroglyphic features…

These 3 events don’t seem to be intertwined. That’s how it seemed, until Freya Hannen(32 years) came to Egypt for the funeral of her sister, a desert explorer, who ended her life mysteriously.

Not only Freya, only 2 non-Egyptian people appeared at the funeral: Flin “Professor Flinders” Brodie, an expert on pre-dynastic Egypt; and Molly Kiernan, an American worker at the United Nations.

For Freya, this is the beginning of a terrifying life-and-death adventure that will take her and Egyptologist Flin Brodie deep into the forbidden exile of the Sahara. Their goal was to create one of the most incredible archaeological puzzles in the heart of the region.

A piece of synopsis from Paul Sussman’s novel The Hidden Oasis, this story is fun to read, still related to detectives, so friends who like novels with the crime detective genre will not be bored.

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