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Who doesn’t know WhatsApp? Application Whatsapp is the most popular instant messaging application in Indonesia. Based on data from databox, WA application users in Indonesia reached 2 billion or about 83% of internet users using WhatsApp. However, did you know that now there is such a thing as a whatsapp mod application?

Currently, there are many on social media who are busy using the wa mod application. Whatsapp Mod is a whatsapp application that has been modified by a third party developer. So actually this application is not official from WhatsApp. Even so, whatsapp mod has a full range of features that are more than whatsapp. To get wa mod is very easy, you can download whatsapp mod apk here GUIDEBS. Before that, we will first review about this wa mod application.

What is Whatsapp Mod?

As already alluded to above. Whatsapp Mod is a whatsapp application that has been modified by a third party with the addition of various features that are not owned by official whatsapp such as hiding typing status, hiding messages online statushide last seen, hide audio status, view deleted status, can read deleted messages, and much more.

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Advantages of WhatsApp Mod

In general, the WhatsApp mod application has the advantages of various features that are not available in the WhatsApp Mod application official whatsapp. For example, you can turn off the blue tick if you read a message someone sent you, whereas you can still see the blue tick when someone has read the message you sent. In addition, there are many other features such as changing whatsapp thememake whatsapp transparent, send automatic whatsapp messagedownload whatsapp status pictures and videos, know the contents of messages that have been deleted, and so forth. Each whatsapp mod has its own unique features. We will discuss more fully in the next subsection.

WhatsApp Mod Safe?

Lots of people ask whether using WhatsApp mod is safe from blocking? Whatsapp Mod is a modified whatsapp from the original whatsapp that you can find on google playstore. So, it’s safe as long as you download it from the website GUIDEBS because it has gone through an application scan so it is safe from malware. To be safer, use the WhatsApp mod application wisely. What are you waiting for, hurry up and download whatsapp mod.

Kinds of WhatsApp Mod

GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp Mod Apk
Gb WhatsApp Mod Apk App

GB Whatsapp is the most popular WhatsApp mod application today. More than 600 thousand people search for GB WhatsApp every month. GB Whatsapp Mod is equipped with various advanced features that the old WhatsApp does not have. Download GB WhatsApp Pro APK here.

GB WhatsApp Features

  • Download Whatsapp Status and Profile Photo
  • Added maximum status text to 255 characters
  • Send broadcast messages to 600 contacts at once
  • Send messages automatically
  • Change various whatsapp themes
  • Adding 256 Members to a group
  • Sending a blank message


Yo WhatsApp Mod Apk App
Yo WhatsApp Mod Apk

Next there is YoWhatsapp. YoWhatsapp is a modified whatsapp application developed by developer Fouad Mokdad. YoWhatsapp already has the latest version v.8.86 APK which was released April 30, 2021 yesterday. Please Download YoWhatsApp here.

YoWhatsApp Features

  • Send 100 photos at once
  • Copying WhatsApp status captions
  • Save profile photo
  • View deleted whatsapp status or stories
  • Lock whatsapp chats
  • Hiding Last Seen
  • View deleted messages
  • Pin chat up to 1000
  • Video status up to 5 minutes
  • Change whatsapp theme
  • and so forth

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WhatsApp Aero

Applications WhatsApp Mod Apk Aero
WhatsApp Aero Mod Apk

The whatsapp aero application is also a whatsapp mod application from a third party. Whatsapp aero is also a popular modified whatsapp application. This application provides various features that ordinary WhatsApp does not have. Some of its excellent features are:

WhatsApp Aero features

  • See messages that have been deleted by the chat partner
  • Has many themes to choose
  • Remove online status
  • Hide view status
  • Send files up to 1GB
  • Sending a blank message
  • Lock Chat
  • And many more

WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus Mod Apk
WhatsApp Plus Mod Apk

Then there is whatsapp plus. WhatsApp Plus is the first modified whatsapp launched. The workings of whatsapp plus apk are the same as the whatsapp application. But if you want to use whatsapp plus you have to uninstall the old whatsapp. This means that between whatsapp plus and the official whatsapp on the playstore cannot be run simultaneously.

WhatsApp Plus Features

  • More emoticons
  • Theme customization over 700 themes
  • hide online status
  • share files and media up to 50MB
  • Easier to clean chat
  • Automatic message reply (auto reaply)
  • Customize Font Style
  • Share HD videos longer than 30 seconds up to 50MB
  • Share Audio up to 100MB in 1 file
  • And many other features

New WhatsApp Plus

The New WhatsApp Plus application is actually not much different from the official whatsapp application on the playstore. However, WhatsApp Plus is only included in the WhatsApp mod because it was developed by a third party. The features are more or less the same as the official whatsapp, it’s just that on whatsapp plus you can change the background to be transparent.

New WhatsApp Plus Features

  • All the features in the official whatsapp
  • Transparent background. Includes chat, status, and settings

OG WhatsApp

Og WhatsApp Mod Apk
Og WhatsApp Mod Apk

The OG WhatsApp application is designed with an easy-to-use user experience (user firendly). This application is also one of the most widely used by WhatsApp mod fans. OG WhatsApp is an anti-ban modified whatsapp application. To use WhatsApp, you must have Android version 5 and above. However, you will get many advanced features from OG Whatsapp.

OG WhatsApp Features

  • Anti Banned
  • Schedule a message
  • Call without saving the number
  • Make a group name longer than 35 characters
  • Sending more than 90 pictures
  • Blocking contacts from not calling
  • And so forth

Fouad WhatsApp

FOUAD WhatsApp Mod Apk
Fouad WhatsApp Mod Apk

You must also know that Fouad WhatsApp is a modification of the original WhatsApp that is available on the Playstore. Fouad Whatsapp comes with many features which are not available in whatsapp official-his. So, don’t be surprised if Fouad WhatsApp is still popular and many are looking for it. To get Fouad WhatsApp Mod is also easy. You just need to download Fouad WhatsApp APK through this website.

WhatsApp Fouad Features

  • There are thousands of customizable themes
  • Sending images of more than 30 files
  • Upload files up to 1GB
  • Hide status see story wa
  • Can still read deleted messages
  • Hide online status
  • Anti Blocking Features
  • And various other features

FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp Mod Apk
FM WhatsApp Mod Apk

Modified applications are applications that are much sought after because of their advantages over the official applications. One of them is FM WhatsApp. FM WhatsApp is a modified application that has been enhanced with a myriad of features. Even though the original WhatsApp has no bugs. However, the features are less flexible compared to FM Whatsapp.

WhatsApp FM Features

  • Hides when was last seen (hidden last seen)
  • Hide online status (hidden online status)
  • Two check marks are visible after you reply to a message, not visible if you only read the message
  • Hide sent messages
  • Remove the sign while typing
  • Send messages without having to save the number
  • Disable the forward tag. If you continue to order food, there is no forward tag in your message
  • Choose which contacts can call you
  • Can see deleted status
  • Can still read deleted messages
  • Huge variety of theme customization
  • And other interesting features

NSWhtasApp 3D

NSWhatsApp Mod Apk
NSWhatsApp Mod Apk

Next up is NSWhatsApp 3D. Just like the previous applications, NSWhatsApp 3D is a modified application of the official WhatsApp on the Playstore. Basically this app is for android users. NSWhatsApp 3d is also not inferior to its extraordinary features that are not in the original WhatsApp.

Features of NSWhatsApp 3D

  • Anti Banned Features
  • Hide online status
  • Hide last seen status
  • Reply to messages automatically (auto reaply) like in business whatsapp
  • Custom chat filters
  • Schedule a message
  • Airplane mode (do not disturb mode)
  • Many customizable themes and choice of font themes
  • And various other features

WhatsApp Mod iOS

iOS WhatsApp Mod Apk
iOS WhatsApp Mod Apk

As the name suggests there are frills “iOS” you can guess. WhatsApp This modification has a look like the iOS operating system.

Features of WhatsApp Mod iOS

  • The appearance of the whatsapp theme resembles whatsapp on iOS
  • WhatsApp anti-ban
  • See stories or statuses that have been deleted
  • Hiding online tags
  • Make wa status like story on instagram
  • Watching stories without getting caught
  • Hide blue ticks
  • Send wa without saving number
  • Hide typing status
  • Hide voice recording status
  • Change font and style on whatsapp
  • And many other features

How to Install WhatsApp Mod APK

To install whatsapp mod, you need to pay attention to several things so that the data on old whatsapp can be restored back to the new whatsapp mod. Before that, make sure you have downloaded the WhatsApp mod from this website. After the whatsapp mod apk download process is complete, then follow these steps.

  • Step 1. First, back up files and old wa chats. Please enter whatsapp > Settings > Chats > Backup.
  • Step 2. Wait for the backup process to complete 100%. Wait and don’t exit the app.
  • Step 3. Uninstall old Whatsapp on your device. The trick is to go to settings > App > Whatsapp > Uninstall (uninstall).
  • Step 4. Now install the whatsapp mod application that you are using. Install applications in general.
  • Step 5. After the installation is complete, open the whatsapp mod that you just installed.
  • Step 6. Then you have to go through several processes like the first time you enter WhatsApp. You will be asked to enter a phone number and verify the OTP code.
  • Step 7. Then, select restore to restore your previously backed up chats.
  • Step 8. After the process is complete, click continue. You will get an old chat after the process is complete.

If you still don’t understand the method above, you can open the details for each whstapp mod. You will find a more complete installation method for each wa mod that you download.


The whatsapp mod application is a modification of the whatsapp application in the playstore. There are many choices of wa mod applications that you can choose from. Each wa mod has its own advantages that the official whatsapp does not have. Generally, every wa mod has advanced features of viewing online status, knowing last seen, turning off the blue check mark.

Well, those are the best kinds of whatsapp mod applications that are safe for you to download anti-ban. Use this application wisely and not to be misused. Look forward to the next article about Instagram GB which is full of advanced features. A few of GUIDEBS, hopefully the wa mod application can be useful. Don’t forget to subscribe to this website to get the latest information. Thank you

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