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Download WhatsApp Aero – Before there were LINE and Telegram chat applications, people first used a chat application called WhatsApp. Through this application you can not only send chat, but you can also make voice calls and video calls.

We think all of you here already have a WhatsApp account for communication purposes with relatives, family, co-workers and so on. Speaking of WhatsApp, did you know that now there is also a Mod version of the WhatsApp application called WhatsApp Aero?


Yes, the WhatsApp Aero application is not a WhatsApp application in general. Here there are many features that are definitely not available in the Original WhatsApp application. What are the features offered by WA Aero?

Then can the application be downloaded through the Google Play Store and App Store? What is the file size of the application? Well, the answers to all these questions we have prepared below.

What is WhatsApp Aero?

What is WhatsApp Aero

As we know that WhatsApp is one of the best chat applications today. The features that WhatsApp has are also quite complete, here users can make voice calls, video calls, create stories and even send files to each other in the form of documents, sounds, images and so on.

Meanwhile, as a WhatsApp user, you also need to know that when the WA Aero application is available, it may be useful. So, WhatsApp Aero is a WA application that has been modified by Facebook modder to have other features that are not in WhatsApp Original.

Same as app Manhwaland Mod, WA Aero also cannot be downloaded through the Google Play Store or App Store, but through third parties such as Mediafire, MEGA and the like. For those who are interested in using this application, please continue to read this article until the end.

Featured Features in WA Aero

After listening to a little about what WA Aero is, you must also be curious about what features are available on WhatsApp Aero. So, in this application you will be able to enjoy several features that have never been found in the Original WhatsApp application, including:

1. Download Story WA

The first feature, on WhatsApp Aero, you can download WA Stories in the form of photos or videos shared by other contacts. Previously, WA stories could only be watched, not downloaded. So, when you see a funny story from a friend, you can directly download it without the need to ask the story owner.

2. Free to Change Themes

In addition, in WA Aero you also have access to change the theme at will. Remember, Themes are different from Chat Wallpapers, yes. For the theme itself, it is a display outside the Chat menu, you are free to change the theme using your own photos or other images.

3. Eliminate Online Status

Then WhatsApp Aero also offers a feature to remove the Online status. This feature may be useful for those of you who are often absent from hanging out friends or even girlfriends. With this, you can still operate WA without knowing its status is Online or Offline.

4. Eliminate Chat Reports

WhatsApp Aero also allows its users to remove chat reports received. So, when someone sends a WA Chat to you, here the report can be set to two blue ticks, only two ticks or even 1 tick. The benefit is, you can still read the received chats without any reports of chats being read in the sender’s contact.

5. Sender Can’t Withdraw Messages

For those who are often annoyed when a friend sends a WA chat but it has not been read, suddenly the chat is deleted or withdrawn. Now, this will no longer happen because WhatsApp Aero Chat which has been deleted by the sender can still be read on WA Mod Aero.

6. Can Send Files Size Above 1 GB

Finally, if on WhatsApp Original the maximum file size that can be sent is only 16 MB, you can send files with a size of more than 1 GB if you use WhatsApp Mod Aero. This feature is definitely useful in dealing with work or doing tasks that require the process of sending large files.

WhatsApp Aero download link

WhatsApp Aero download link

From the information you have read about the features in the WhatsApp Aero application, maybe some of them are very useful for you. If so, what are you waiting for, let’s download the WhatsApp Aero application file via the Mediafire link below:


The application is WhatsApp Aero from Hazar, one of the Modders who managed to modify the system in the WhatsApp Original Chat application. The file can be downloaded for free.

The file size itself is around 70 MB, much smaller than WhatsApp Original which can reach 200 MB. In addition, WA Mod Aero is also compatible with Android and iOS smartphones.

How to Install & Login WA Aero

If you have successfully downloaded the application file, then how do you install the application? Relax, here we have prepared a complete tutorial for installing WhatsApp Aero on a smartphone. But before that, make sure you have enabled permission from Unknown Sources. If not, please activate it first in the Settings menu. If everything is ready, now follow the procedure below to install it until the WhatsApp Aero login has been downloaded:

1. Open File Manager

Open File Manager

First of all please open ZArchiver or File Manager smartphone default

2. Find Application Files

Find Application Files

Then search folder where you save the downloaded WhatsApp Mod Aero Apk file

3. Click Install

Click Install

After that tap the file and select Install

4. Open WhatsApp Aero

Open WhatsApp Aero

After the installation process is complete, please open the WhatsApp Aero application

5. Select Agree & Continue

Select Agree Continue

On the next page just click Agree & Continue. After that you will automatically login to WhatsApp Aero and the application is ready to use.

Risks of Using WhatsApp Mod Version

Up here, you already know what WhatsApp Aero is, the WhatsApp Aero download link to how to install and login WA Mod Aero. Indeed, the application offers many excellent features for users, but as long as you know that the use of WhatsApp Aero can also cause losses, what are the disadvantages? Check out the information below:

1. Malware / Virus Prone

The first risk, considering that WA Aero is a modified version, does not rule out the possibility that the application can carry viruses that can attack your device.

2. Vulnerable to Account Theft

In addition, cases of user data theft can also occur when you use this application, because the WhatsApp Aero security system is not directly supervised by Facebook, it is different with WhatsApp Original which is equipped with high-level security features.

3. Banned By Service Provider

Finally, the most severe risk of using this application is that your cellphone number registered on WhatsApp could be permanently banned for violating WhatsApp’s Privacy & Policy.


How are you interested in using WhatsApp Aero? If so, please download the application file via the Mediafire link that has been downloaded present above. After that do the installation process.

But remember, in addition to offering benefits in the form of modified features that have never been found on WA Original, the use of WhatsApp Aero can harm you, such as the presence of Malware, cases of data theft to being blocked as a WhatsApp user.

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