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Passive Voice is a form of sentence in which the subject of the sentence receives the action, not performs the action. Unlike active voice, which focuses on the party taking the action, this form focuses more on the party or object that receives the result of the action.

Passive Voice Subject : Subjected to Work
Verb Passive Voice : Meaning In / Ter
Archetype : Be + Verb 3
Tenses : 10 Tenses (8 Continuous Tenses, 2 Continuous (Present Continuous, Past Continuous))
Pattern : Subject + Be + Verb 3 + By Agent / Does

Below is a simple example of the difference between the use of passive voice sentences and active voice sentences:

Sentence Meaning
Active voice Denis kicks the ball Denis kicks off the ball
Passive voice The ball kicked by Denis The ball is kicked off by Denis

Below are examples of tenses contained in Passive Voice:

# Simple Continuous Perfect
Present Is, Am, Are + Verbs 3 Is, Am, Are + Being + Verbs 3 Have/has + Been + Verbs 3
Past Was, Were + Verbs 3 Was, Were + Being + Verbs 3 Had + Been + Verbs 3
Future Will + Be + Verbs 3 Will + Have + Been + Verbs 3
Past Future Would + Be + Verbs 3 Would + Have + Been + Verbs 3

To make a passive sentence in English, of course, it must have a load, the following are the terms and conditions for making a passive sentence:

Passive Voice Terms
Make sure the conditions are met
In the form of Verbal Sentences
Verbal Sentence In the form of transitive verb (Need object)
Steps to make Passive Voice
Drag the object of the active sentence to become the subject of the passive sentence
Fox tenses active so tense passive
Pull the subject of the active sentence to be By Agent in the passive sentence

Below is an example of changing active tenses to passive sentences and below there will be a detailed explanation.

Active Wardi washed a car
Passive A car was washed by Wardi


In the sentence Active Voice let’s see the pattern as usual, there is a Subject verb and an object with the tenses used are Simple Past. The subject of the Active Voice is Wardi then the verb is washed then for the object is A car.

We compare it with passive sentences, there are differences there, starting from the subject, in passive sentences, the subject changes to A car while in Active A car is an object, according to the steps, Subject in Active voice we pull back by making it as By Agent.

Object in Active Voice drag it back to Subject Passive and then Verb from Passive we adjust to the pattern that is must Be + Verb 3in Active Sentence we see there are no members Bethen the passive sentence must be added according to the tenses.

If the tenses in the Active Sentence are Simple Past then the passive sentence must also have the Simple Past tense, because the active sentence is the Simple Past tense, then there is an addition Was and verb 3 of wash is Washed. The pattern is finished and Passive Sentence already formed.

By Agent is written in a sentence if it is considered important and adds information

Active Denis recites Al-Qur’an
Passive Al-Qur’an is recited by Denis

By agent may also not be written in the sentence if it is considered not important and does not add information. Here are the types by agent which does not need to be written in a sentence:

By agent does not need to be written if In the form of Indefinite PronounExample :

Active Some one is looking for you
Passive You are looked for (Someone) (Someone may not be written)

By agent does not need to be written if Already known by the general publicexample :

Active The government built Monas
Passive Monas was built (By the government may not be written)

By agent does not need to be written if Form of Profession from Verbexample :

Active The pilot fly a plane
Passive The Plane is flown (by Pilot may not be written)

Not all sentences can be passive right, there are some sentences that can’t be passive right, below are sentences that can’t be passive right:

Sentences can’t be passive, right? in the form of nominal sentencesExample :

Rico is a soldier

Sentences can’t be passive, right? Ordinary Verb In the Form of Intransitive (No Object Needed), Example:

Santos sleeps in the class (Sleep doesn’t need an object)

Sentences can’t be passive, right? Ordinary Verbs in the Form of Certain TransitivesHere are its members:

Transitive Verbs
Lack Lack/Lack
Fit Fit (Size)
Suite Match (Color)
Resamble Similar
Have Have/Have

Special for verb Havethe meaning can be passive, the way is Have replaced with Belong to.

Example of sentence usage:

The child lacks vitamins (can’t be passive right)
Ical has a new car
A new car belongs to ical (Active pattern but passive meaning)

Sentences can’t be passive, right? There is a Cognate ObjectExample :

Santos sleeps a sound sleep (Can’t be passive right)
Santos sleeps in the class (Sleep doesn’t need an object)

Meaning of Cognate Object the same as the meaning of Adverb.

Explain about Cognate Object Previously, the cognate object is a derived object from Verb, its members are as follows:

Verb Cognet Object Adverb Meaning
Sleep A sound sleep Soundly quiet
Dream A strange dream Strangely Nightmare
Laugh A bitter laugh Bitterliy Laughing
Run A race Fast Quickly
Live A good life Well Well

Passive voice also has several variants or types, below are the variants of passive voice:

Capital is an additional verb, there are lots of modal members, now for modal variants in passive voice one of them is pure modal, pure modal members are: can, will, must, should, shall, may, might. Now in this example we use modals from simple tenses by using the following pattern:

Subject + modal + be + verb 3 + By agent

Active Tomorrow santos will visit ira. (using simple futures capital)
Passive Ira will be visited by santos tomorrow.

Capital there is also a expression substitute for capital or commonly referred to as SEOM (Similiar Expression of Modal), now the Passive voice variant can also use this form too, the members of SEOM are as follows:

Similiar Expression Capital Meaning
Be able to Can Can
Be going to Will Will
Be allowed to May Can
have to Must Must
Have got to
Be to

The pattern that will be used to make sentences is as follows:

Subject + SEOM + Be + Verb 3 + By Agent

Below is an example of using passive voice sentences in Modal Variants

Active Santos is able to buy the Bikes.
Passive The bike is able to be bought by Santos.

Suppose we give an example for Yes/No question, in the example sentence Yes/No question, he has the following pattern:

Auxiliary Verb + Subject + Verb 3 + By Agent + ?

Below is an example of using passive sentences in Variant Questions for Yes/No Questions

+ The flower is being watered by Santos.
? Is the flower being watered by Santos ?

Now we make it using Information Question, since there are many kinds of information question, I will give an example of question word

What/who Of course, this question is usually used to ask the whole Object.

verb Auxiliary on Question what/who must singular or single, for example is, has, etc.

Below is an example of using passive sentences in Variant Questions for Information Questions

+ The men have been helped by me.
? Who has helped by me ?

Actually there are many more for example from Variant Question, there is such a thing as asking other than an object, asking for a verb, asking for an adverb and so on. But this is enough, only the type of question word is different, the pattern is the same as this discussion.

So that’s it for the Passive Voice material. Happy learning, if you don’t understand, you can ask in the comments column, we will discuss together, see you papay.

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