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A sentence is formed from several words combined. Words are the most basic parts that have their respective meanings, functions, and uses in a sentence.

In English, each word is grouped into 8 (eight) kinds of parts or the term is Part of Speech, here are the parts:

Part of Speech

noun is one of the most important parts of parts of speech in English. Noun is also an important factor in making a sentence.

Noun is a word used to name an object such as a person, thing, place, as well as the concept/idea of ​​the name of an animal (animal), an idea (an idea or an idea), an occurrence (an event), an action (an action) or an abstract concept. other. The types of nouns are as follows:

A Based on Shape

For this Form Based type has other members, here are the other members of Form Based Type :

# Abstract Noun

By definition, Abstract Noun is an object that has no form. These nouns can be understood and imagined but cannot be touched or seen with the senses. Example: News, Information, Idea

# Concrate Noun

By definition Concrate Noun is a noun in the form of material or something tangible. Because it is tangible, concrete nouns can be touched and observed (recognized by the senses). Thus, a concrete noun is the opposite of an abstract noun. Example: Table, book, pen, Phone, Girlfriend (Optional).

B By Naming

For this Naming Based type to have other members, here are the other members of Naming Based Types :

# Common Noun

By definition, Common Noun is a classification of nouns for people, places, things and things in general. This noun does not use a capital letter at the beginning of the word, unless the word starts a sentence or becomes the title of an article, Example: Bus, Flower, Girl, etc.

# proper noun

Unlike the Common Noun, Proper Noun is a classification of nouns for specific people, places, and things. These nouns are used to name institutions, organizations, days, months, nations, religions, and places. Proper nouns always use a capital letter at the beginning of the word. Example: Puspa Indah, Lorena, Rose, mukidi.

# Material Noun

By definition, Material nouns are objects that come from nature or natural objects that have been formed before. Example: Gold, Stone, Gemstone, Sand, Water, etc.

# Collective Noun

By definition, Collective Noun is an object that is a collection but is considered as a unit. Example: Family, Class, Group, Team, Table, book, pen.

For the calculation itself there is a difference between British English and American English. For british english the count includes plural or plural. While American English counts include Single or Singular. Here is a simple example:

Example of sentences
Our Team (is) Fabulous (American English)
Our Team (are) Fabulous (British English)

The following below is an explanation of the example of using the sentence above even though it has not been entered into the Sentence material;


As seen in the example above, there are two sentences, in the first sentence there is the word “Our Team is fabulous” If you pay attention to the sentence using the verb “is” which we know “is” is used for sentences whose subject is single or singular.

This sentence is a commonly used sentence for American English, so in America there in their grammar for the word “Team” are singular or singular nouns so they use “is” for the verb.

For a second example there is a sentence “Our Team are fabulous” and we see that the sentence uses “are” for the verb, which means that in the UK the use of the word Team has meaning many or plural so there use are as the verb.

This is just an understanding for friends, so English is not just one genre, there are many kinds, one of which is discussed here. There is American English There are also British English.

Because it is too long to discuss, I will cut this material into several parts. Thank you for visiting this blog. See you papa.

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