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Example of the Complete Independent PAUD Curriculum Teaching Module in 2022 – Hello friends, all back again with the admin who will share with you all about teaching modules for preschool/kindergarten children which of course are in accordance with the independent curriculum, yes.

PAUD Independent Curriculum Teaching Module. The Independent Learning curriculum emphasizes teaching modules in lesson planning, both for PAUD, TK, RA, SD and other levels that apply.

The Independent PAUD Curriculum Teaching Module is a substitute for RPP as material that must be prepared by teachers, including PAUD, TK, RA and others.

The Independent PAUD Curriculum Teaching Module must be prepared by PAUD, TK, RA teachers as a step aimed at achieving active learning in the classroom.

In the Independent Learning Curriculum there is a variety of intracurricular learning, the content is more optimal with the aim that students have enough time to explore concepts and strengthen competencies.

In the learning process, the teacher is free to choose various teaching tools so that learning can be adapted to the learning needs and interests of students.

For this reason, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemdikbud Ristek) emphasized that the implementation of the Independent Curriculum Implementation (IKM) will begin in the new school year.

The Independent Curriculum is one of the options that can be chosen and determined voluntarily by the education unit.

In addition, based on the Decree (SK) of the Head of the Educational Standards, Curriculum, and Assessment Agency (BSKAP) Number 044/H/KR/2022 which was signed on July 12, 2022, there are more than 140 thousand educational units implementing the Independent Curriculum for the new school year.

It is also known that in the Independent Learning Curriculum there are two levels that can be applied, the first is the independent learning level and the second the independent level changes.

The Ministry of Education and Research and Technology encourages education units to implement the Independent Curriculum based on the needs and readiness level of each education unit.

The Independent Learning curriculum is also designed to provide flexibility for educational units.

It aims to create a contextual educational unit operational curriculum, so that learning is applied according to the learning needs of students.

Actually, the Merdeka Curriculum was published by the Minister of Education and Technology in February 2022 as one of the Merdeka Learning programs to improve the quality of learning.

The Merdeka curriculum focuses more on essential materials and on character development of the Pancasila Student Profile.

The changes that occur in the independent learning curriculum are also quite visible. Such as the change in the merging of science and social studies subjects to become IPAS.

Furthermore, changes in teacher teaching hours that have differences with the previous curriculum.

There is also the addition of new subjects at all levels, namely the Pancasila Education Profile subject.

However, all lessons at all levels such as PAUD, TK, RA are still the same. It should also be noted that the change in lesson plans to be a teaching module.


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