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“Happiness doesn’t depend on how much fat you have in your body”

The story of a girl named Lovina, because her body shape does not match the standard of beauty in general, she has to endure a lot of psychological suffering. Not everyone will love us and accept us no matter how bad or even how good our body is.

This is a journey of vision for Lovina until she finally dares to take a big breakthrough in her life to find true happiness. Being free from other people’s talk is also a joy, not because people are no longer talking about us, but because we no longer care what they say about us, because we know that we are happy with what we are doing right now.

A form of concern for many women, especially because they live in torturous feelings of insecurity. Achellia Sugiyono as a writer really wants to give support to many women to break the paradigm of body shape, body shaming, self-acceptance, and happiness.

Happiness is the right of every human being, but the obligation is also attached to that person. Don’t depend on other people for your happiness, because when you depend on other people for your happiness, it will be a burden on their shoulders. The more you depend on other people, the less you will feel what is called happiness, because other people will disappoint you more than make you happy. After all, depending on other people’s happiness is like you are putting a bridle around his neck, which if too many bridles, might kill that person, personally.

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