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Tere and Giovani seemed destined to be enemies. When they first met, they were fighting over T-shirts at the mall. When they meet again at school, Tere accidentally spills the boy’s food. And as if Giovani was sent into the world to make his life difficult, it turns out that the boy will be the accompaniment of the vocal group Tere and his friends at the school event! The surprises didn’t stop there.

Tere’s parents plan to set her up with their best friend’s child and it turns out to be Giovani! An arranged marriage like Siti Nurbaya alone was enough to make Tere embarrassed, so he was determined to keep the secret. He and Giovani also agreed to pretend to accept the match and keep their secret.

But things take a turn for the worse after two of her best friends have a crush on Giovani and Tere herself begins to realize her true feelings for the boy. Duh, how’s this?

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