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GB WhatsApp Download – Being one of the most popular chat applications, of course you are already familiar with WhatsApp or also known as WA. With this WhatsApp application, users will be able to exchange messages.

These messages can be text messages, voice messages, photos / pictures, videos, document files and even various locations. Of course, for every smartphone user, whether Android or iPhone, the WhatsApp application has been installed for daily purposes.


However, some users will be bored with the original WhatsApp, with so many switching to GB WhatsApp. Because as you know, WhatsApp GB has its own advantages over the original WhatsApp.

Discussing about WhatsApp GB, in this discussion we will present complete information. Starting from understanding what it is, download links, features, advantages and disadvantages and how to install WhatsApp GB.

What is WhatsApp GB?

What is WhatsApp GB

For those who don’t know what WhatsApp GB is, then know the explanation first. Where WhatsApp GB is a WhatsApp mod application that comes with additional messaging application features that are not present in the original WhatsApp.

It’s just that WhatsApp GB cannot be downloaded / downloaded through application distribution services such as the Google Play Store. Regarding this, you don’t need to worry because in this discussion we will provide complete information.

GB WhatsApp Features

So what are the features of the GB WhatsApp APK? Of course, this question is often asked before you start downloading and installing it. For the features that are provided in the GB WhatsApp APK, such as for example:

1. More Themes

First there are more theme features. That way, GB WhatsApp users can choose and install the theme as they wish. This is why GB WhatsApp is suitable for those of you who are often bored.

2. Can Hide Status Messages

Second, there is a feature to hide status messages on other WhatsApp users. Therefore, other WhatsApp people or users will not know whether you are online or offline. This feature is usually sought after for those of you who need convenience.

3. Save Other User Status

Third, there is a feature to save other people’s statuses without having to use third-party applications. In addition, you do not have to worry about being caught by the person concerned.

4. Can Change Fonts

Fourth, there is a feature to change the typeface or favorite font available in the application. Not only that, GB WhatsApp also provides a wide variety of complete options to solve your boredom problem with various choices with font types.

5. Auto Reply Messages

Fifth, there is a feature that allows you to automatically reply to messages with a set delivery time schedule. Usually this can be used for those of you who have business needs.

6. Can Be Used Multiple Accounts

Sixth, there is a feature that allows you to use multiple accounts in one application. For example, if a user wants to use two accounts in one application, this may be very useful for those of you who have many communication relationships in their daily activities.

7. Stronger Password

Seventh, there is a password feature that can be used to maintain account privacy security. This makes users do not have to worry about security data being accessed by others. This security feature is different from the original version of WhatsApp where privacy is only available when accessing the screen lock.

8. Can Send Large Capacity Files

Eighth, there is a feature that does not exist in the original WhatsApp application, which is being able to send files with a larger capacity. Because on the original WhatsApp you can only send files with a capacity of no more than 500 mb, while on GB WhatsApp you can.

9. Anti Banned

The last is anti-ban. The GB WhatsApp Apk which is the result of a modified version of the original WhatsApp has provided this feature on the latest version of the WA GB. Where with this feature users still feel safe and comfortable when using it

GB WhatsApp Advantages & Disadvantages

In addition to the features above, before proceeding to the discussion of the WAGB APK download link, you need to know first what are the advantages and disadvantages of WhatsApp GB. For more details, see the advantages and disadvantages of using WhatsApp GB below.

# Advantages

By looking at the features above, then those are the benefits you get when you use the latest version of WhatsApp GB. You could say there are many advantages and differences when using the original WhatsApp.

# Deficiency

The downside of using GB WhatsApp is the account ban. Where your account may be locked and prohibited in future use. So it is highly recommended not to use the main account / main phone number on GB WhatsApp.

You can work around this by using an account that is registered with a temporary number. This is to avoid unwanted things.

GB WhatsApp download link

GB WhatsApp download link

If you already know what GB WhatsApp is, the features, advantages and disadvantages of WhatsApp above. Of course, for those who are interested in installing it, they need a download link, because as previously mentioned, GB WhatsApp is not available at application distributors.

For those who are interested in downloading, install and install GB WhatsApp on your smartphone device. We have also summarized the GB WhatsApp download links of all versions, including the latest GB WhatsApp version.

1. GB WhatsApp Latest V 21.20.0 Anti Banned

For those of you who are looking for and want to download the latest version of the anti-banned GB WhatsApp Apk, please click the download button below.

V 21.20.0 DOWNLOAD

2. GB WhatsApp All Versions

Then for all versions of GB WhatsApp and you need it, you can download it by clicking the link below.

How to Download GB WhatsApp Apk

For those who are still confused about downloading the GB WhatsApp mod or Apk, then there is no need to worry. Because about how to download GB WhatsApp it is very easy, where you just click the download link above.

That way, you can get the GB WhatsApp Apk file which will be downloaded automatically and saved to your smartphone device. However, there are a few things to note before downloading.

Among other things to pay attention to is to make sure that there is enough storage space on your phone or smartphone and the device is connected to an internet connection so that the download process can start.

How to Install WhatsApp GB

How to Install WhatsApp GB

After knowing about the download link and how to download GB WhatsApp above, then you just need to install or install it. For more details on how to install GB WhatsApp, you can follow these steps.

1. Enable Device Permissions

The first step before installing the GB WhatsApp Apk, you need to activate device permissions in the settings / settings menu first.

  • Open menu “Arrangement”.
  • Then “Additional Settings”.
  • Then “Security and Privacy”.
  • In the “Install Unknown Source Application (Swipe to On)”.

2. Install the Application on the Device

If you have activated device permissions, then you just have to install GB WhatsApp on the device. Regarding how, see below.

  • Open menu “File Manager”.
  • Search apps “GB WhatsApp”.
  • Click and hold until options appear.
  • Please choose which “Install”.

After that, just wait until the installation process is successful and complete. When finished, the GB WhatsApp application will appear on your cellphone or device.

Then open and log in to GB WhatsApp, then create an account with the contents of the location and phone number. If this is the case then the GB WhatsApp application is ready to run or use.


In addition to the GB WhatsApp application above, you can also use other applications similar to GB WhatsApp, namely the GB WhatsApp application WhatsApp Aero. Regarding the explanation of WhatsApp Aero, we have conveyed it in the previous discussion.

Thus, the discussion regarding GB WhatsApp can be obtained provide complete information on what GB is, features, advantages and disadvantages, download links and how to install them. With the discussion related to GB WhatsApp above, hopefully it can be useful for all those who need it.

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