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How to Fix Index Coverage Issues in Search Console – This index coverage problem must be experienced by Indonesian bloggers. Problems faced by bloggers must have messages like the following:

How to Fix Index Coverage Issue in Search Console

Do bloggers get messages like that in Google Webmaster Tools / Webmaster Tools in messages on your website? Yes, if you get the index coverage message above, don’t worry because it will not reduce traffic/visitors on your website.

What is an Index Coverage Problem?

The index coverage problem is a problem with Google robot crawling when it crawls pages on your website. Because most of these problems are caused by the robots.txt file on your website. To check the robots.txt on your website, please copy the link below and paste it in a new window.

Note: Change name indodominic with your domain name.

With this problem, your website will still be indexed and entered in Google searches, but there are some urls in your article that are not indexed as a whole.

How to Fix Index Coverage Issues in Search Console

Does the index coverage issue on my blog need to be fixed? it’s up to you to fix it or not. If you want to fix it, see the method below.

1. Go to Webmastertool and Search for the Message you got from google webmaster and Click “Fix Index Coverage issue with Search Console”

2. A display will appear as below then on “Valid with Warning”, “Valid”, “Excluded” Click until it is colored as shown below.

3, After that scroll down and a display like the one below will appear. Then click the Warning Status at the top or the colored one Orange which corresponds to your index coverage problem.

4. After that look on the right side of my friend and see “View Details” Just look, not click. The display below, because I’ve finished fixing my index coverage issue. So if you haven’t fixed your index coverage issue there will be write something like “Fix Validation” click that.

5. After clicking “Fix Validation” you just need to wait a few days and you will receive a message “Site index coverage issue has been fixed successfully

With this problem, Googlebot only wants to confirm and validate the prohibition against indexing in the /search, about, contact, privacy, label and so on.

How to Solve Index Coverage Problems in Search Console using Robots.txt on Websites/Blogs

You only need to go to your blogger dashboard, Settings, Search Preferences, Edit in the robots.txt section (Scroll down).

How to Troubleshoot Robots.txt index coverage in Search Console

Then Copy the Robots.txt Text below and paste it in Robots.txt Settings on your blogger buddy.

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allows: /


Change “Disallow: /search” Become “Disallow: /p/about.html” Add according to your wishes such as url Label, Privacy, Contact etc. (Only the back link, your domain is not necessary).

Note: Change the domain name “” with your domain name.

After that with How to Fix Index Coverage Issues in Search Console above my friend just need to wait a few days and my friend will see the message as follows.

The final word

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