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How to Get Married in Sakura School Simulator – As a Sakura School Simulator game player, surely you already understand what the game flow is like? But for those of you who don’t know this game, you can briefly see the explanation.

In short, the Sakura School Simulator Game is a game with the nuances of teenagers who are still in high school, like The Simp and GTA games and the Bully Game on PS 2, that’s the gameplay.

How to Get Married in Sakura School Simulator
How to Get Married in Sakura School Simulator

As a player in Sakura Simulator you can explore the city of Sakura Town as the setting for this game.

The name is also a game that has the nuances of teenagers, of course, the things that young people do in the real world, you can almost play in this game.

This very exciting game is indeed loved by young gamers, because when playing this game you can do exciting things such as traveling around the city using vehicles, going to school, being a gangster, doing exciting missions, dating to marriage and being able to have children. .

The most exciting thing in this game can be said because we as players can get married, besides that the event to be held is also lively and can be attended by the characters in the Sakura School Simulator game.

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Interesting right? For those of you who want to try getting married at Sakura School, you can follow the steps below.

Requirements for Marriage in Sakura School Simulator Game

As a game player, you must pay attention to several conditions so that you can get married in the Sakura Game so that it runs smoothly and the audience who comes is crowded.

His name is also married to the same rich in the real world must step through several stages in order to be accepted and run smoothly.

However, some new players don’t even know how to get married, because maybe they don’t know much about this game or don’t know the terms and steps.

Is it without the conditions that will be explained, the characters in the Sakura game can’t get married? Hmmm, you could say you can’t because one of the conditions that must be given to the bride and groom is Love Poition, so if you don’t meet these requirements it is difficult to get married.

Then what are the conditions? Requirements to get married in Sakura School Simulator as follows.

Getting Love Potions

This love potion is shaped like a drink. Well, this love point is an important thing before you get married, you can look for it first after that, please give it to your idol.

Giving Death Seduction to Girls

Before expressing will you marry me, you must give your death seduction to the idol of the heart.

Wearing a Wedding Dress

After everything is ready, of course you have to adjust the clothes before getting married, usually for marriage you can use Tuxedo clothes for the groom, and for the bride in the form of a dress.

Inviting Attendees to a Wedding

To make the event more lively, try inviting other characters in Sakura School Simulator, to invite your people to school.

How to Get Married in Sakura School Simulator

After everything is ready, you are ready to hold a wedding in Sakura School Simulator. For the steps you can follow as follows.

Steps to Get Married in Sakura School Simulator Game

After you know what are the conditions that must be completed to start getting married. Now then we go directly to the part of the marriage process starting from the preparation to the process of making an agreement in front of the wedding invitations.

Okay, no need to beat around the bush, just go straight to the step of getting married in Sakura School Simulator.

1. Change Character to Boy

If you often use female characters anywhere for the marriage process, you must first change to female characters. How to enter the menu in the upper left corner, then on Character Change select Boy.

2. Change the clothes of the male characters

After the character changes, you go to the house to start changing then look for the wardrobe in the bedroom and navigate to the round point in front of the wardrobe. Enter Change Cloths and select Tuxedo clothes, then please go to the women’s inn.

3. Find Love Potion

Changing clothes has been completed, then you look for Love Poition. To find Love Poition you can take it above the Hospital building, please use the Jet Pack to go to the top of the Hospital building.

Well, for the second point of Love Poition you can pick it up at the residence of the female character. Enter the women’s room, in the rough two you can find it on a mini table.

4. Give Him (Female) Death Seduction

Look for a female character, after meeting you have to face her face to face. Well, this is where play sweet words for him, for this Sakura School Simulator you can choose romantic sentences like “Your eyes are beautiful, You have good taste!“Keep flirting until the female character says Thank You.

5. Give Love Potions to Girls

The seduction of death has been given, then give him Poition Love earlier by pressing Give and then selecting Poition Love to give it directly. Wait for him to drink it and say Thank You to the Male character.

6. Change to Female Character

After all the things in the Male Character have been done, now change to the female character the steps as in the first point above.

7. Change the clothes of the female characters

The character has been successfully changed, please go to the female character’s changing room next to the entrance. Point the female character to the red dot in front of the wardrobe, on the Change Cloths list, please select Wedding dress.

8. Move Again to Male Characters and Invite them to Follow Anywhere

Change again to the male character, after that invite him to follow you anywhere by pressing CARRY then the female character will automatically be in the lap of the male character.

9. Head to the Wedding Chapel

After everything is ready, all you have to do is go to the wedding venue, to go to the wedding venue, namely the Wedding Chapela, you can use a car by following the location map, or by going to Menu select Area Move then you select Wedding Chapel.

10. Asking for the Pastor’s Blessing

Arriving at the Wedding Chapel, the bride and groom please face to face with the priest at the Wedding Chapel and don’t forget to praise the priest so that he is happy.

11. Start the Reception

Actually, to start the wedding reception, you have to wait until nightfall, so if you want to hurry, please leave the Wedding Chapel first and then direct the bride and groom to the green dot on the Wedding Chapel page.

Then the Illumination message will appear then select On, then on the message “Do You Want to change to night?” Choose “Yes‘ then it will be dark and the courtyard of the Wedding Chapel will be filled with decorative lights.

The seats at the wedding will be filled by Sakura residents to hold the wedding.

In front of the priest you can start Hug and Kiss and be witnessed by the audience in the Wedding Chapel, that way you are considered legally married.

For the 11th method, this can be called a mass wedding event, then for the wedding itself you can follow the steps below and the attendees at the Wedding Chapel can also do what you invite.

How to Invite People to a Wedding in Sakura School Simulator

Attend a Wedding in Sakura School Simulator
Attend a Wedding in Sakura School Simulator

Actually, the above method is also considered by the residents of Sakura Simulator, but if you want your wedding to be attended by the people you invite, here’s how.

1. Change Child Character

After you ask the priest for blessing according to step 10 above, please change to the Child character, by going to the menu on Character Change and selecting Child.

2. Visit the School Gate

Enter the menu again, in the Move Area, please select School Gate to go quickly to school.

3. Invite Citizens at School Gate

Approach people at the school gate such as teachers, staff, students and then talk to them by pressing Talk, then give flattering words so that the person you are approaching is willing to invite you. After that, click Come With Me.

4. Go to the Wedding Chape

You have finished inviting the invitation, then you go to the Wedding Chapel using a Jet Pack or directly to the area using an Area Move. The people you invited earlier will automatically follow you anywhere.

5. Have Them Sit

Every citizen you have invited tells them to sit down, the way you go to the middle seat which is empty and then you sit down and the people you have invited will follow to sit.

6. Start the Wedding Acara

Everything is ready, please change to an adult male character and start the wedding like step 11 above, and the wedding in Sakura School Simulator was successfully carried out.

It’s also fun not playing games Sakura School Simulatoryou can get married in the game and can be attended by members of the Sakura School.

The way to get married in Sakura is also quite easy and without any hassle every step of the way, after marriage of course you have to have children so that playing this game becomes even more exciting.

The final word

Hopefully it can be useful and don’t forget to also share this article with your friends who have just played the sakura school simulator game and want to get married soon. Thank you and good health always.

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