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How to Mabar in Sakura School Simulator – For now, Sakura School Simulator is a byword for gamers, why is that? Because a game that is often played by a Youtuber Ani Nurhayani with 8.9 million subscribers, has very broad game features and missions.

Game with concept Open World it is highly recommended for you to play, with a very wide map as well as a variety of missions that you must complete.

How to Mabar in Sakura School Simulator
How to Mabar in Sakura School Simulator

In addition, did you know that the Sakura School Simulator game can be played together or together, you know! That way, you can have fun going around Sakura Town with other characters.

But before that, you must note that the mabar here is not like multiplayers with your real friends, but for more details, please read the explanation later below.

Before discussing that, let’s discuss how to play together in Sakura School Simulator.

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How to Mabar in Sakura School Simulator

Indeed, to play the game to make it more exciting, there must be other characters in the plot, whether it be to become enemies or friends.

To make it more exciting when playing Sakura Simulator, you can invite other characters to surround the entire Sakura Town, to be accompanied when driving a car and walking to see nice buildings.

Here’s how to start playing together with other characters in Sakura School Simulator.

1. Start Playing Sakura School Simulator Game

The first step is of course you first enter the Sakura School Simulator, then start entering the game.

2. Choose a Male Character

Choose a Male Character
Choose a Male Character

After entering the game, please use the male character by selecting Boy in Character Change by going to the System Settings menu > look at the bottom of Characters Change > Select Boy.

3. Find and Approach Other Characters

Find and Approach Other Characters
Find and Approach Other Characters

After using the boy character, please look for other characters on the streets, supermarkets, churches, in school buildings and in front of Sakura’s house.

To make it easier to find other characters, you can enter the Menu in the Move Area column, please select the building or building that you will visit, that way you don’t have to run to get to the building.

Don’t forget to approach the character you are inviting and face to face to start chatting.

4. Compliment or Seduce the Character You Want to Invite

Praise or Seduce the Character You Want To Invite
Praise or Seduce the Character You Want To Invite

Invite other characters to talk to by pressing the Talk button so he doesn’t leave in front of you.

Start by praising or seducing the character in front of you by using the sentence “You’re Clever” or “You have good taste“. The point is to make small talk when you want to invite other characters.

5. Press Come With Me

Come With Me
Come With Me

After the small talk is finished you can start inviting by pressing the “Come With Me“. Here other characters will immediately start following you anywhere, even when you get into a vehicle he will still follow.

To make it more interesting when other characters follow, you can adjust the invited position by checking one of the “Side by Side” which is useful so that your friend is on the left side when walking, and “Vertical Line“So that your friends will walk behind you.

Well, here you have managed to play together around Sakura Town with other characters. You can also invite more than one character, with many characters that we invite as players like a mafia leader or gangster.

They will follow you wherever you go, to be even more tidy when playing together with other characters, please use the invite feature “Side by Side” and “Vertical Line“, people will look more presentable when viewed from a distance.

Then you must be asking, how about playing with real friends in this game? Actually this question is not only you, but other players also often ask this online mabar feature.

As mentioned above, online mabar is still not available, but it is possible that the multiplayers feature will be released in the future.

Can I Play Multiplayer in Sakura School Simulator?

As you often play Sakura Simulator and explore some of the existing features, you will definitely think that the Account Creation and Login features in the Edit Item are features for playing with other people online.

Even though this feature is only for visiting buildings that have been made by other Sakura players.

Unfortunately, this question still has no solution from the official Garusoft developer of this game.

However, there are some spoilers from old players, that Bijuu Mike has commented on one of the Youtube videos explaining the Multiplayers feature in Sakura School Simulator will be held, but he did not mention the release time.

The reason for not releasing this feature is because it is difficult to conceptualize how the game will flow if it is added to the MultiPlayers version.

Different from GTA San Andreaswhich plays only to surround the city of San Andreas and fight against the enemy and the police.

Well if Sakura School Simulator what will happen, do you just go for a walk and then build a house or can you carry out a mission that fits like husband and wife from dating, getting married to having children.

Yes, we hope that as lovers of the Sakura School Simulator game, hopefully the Multiplayers feature can be released by the end of this year, so that the gameplay will be more exciting and fun.

The final word

In this article only discusses for how to play together with other characters in sakura school simulator. Well here you will not find how to play Multiplayers with your online friends.

The reason is because the Multiplayers feature has not yet been released by Garusoft as the developer.

Yes, hopefully in the future there will be multiplayers features that can add to the fun when playing the Sakura School Simulator game.

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