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How to Overcome Android Games Often Force Close / Exit Alone – Yo, whatsapp guys. Back again with the cave on the indodominic website. This time, I want to share with you tips and tricks on how to overcome force close / exit alone when we play games. So, for those of you who are annoyed when playing games, they suddenly come out on their own / force close. You have come to the right website.
How to Overcome Android Games Often Force Close / Exit Alone

How to Overcome Game Exit Alone / Force Close on Android – Yes, like mimin, playing the mobile legends game, when you want to win, suddenly force close and try to open the ml game again, eh, even restarting from the beginning, it sucks. Once on, you’ve lost.. Auto furious!!

A few tips, my friend also before installing the game / application, first see the details of the game / application. Does it match the specifications of your cellphone, if it fits, just download it. (For 100MB+ Large Games).

So, for those of you who want to know tips how to overcome force close when playing games. Just look at the tips and tricks below 🙂

Cause Games / Applications Often Force Close / Exit Alone !!

1. Internal Storage / Phone Storage buddy left a littlewith that the game you are playing is unable to run again so you are finally forced to leave the game because the storage on your android phone has exceeded the limit.

2. HP RAM Android, Before you download / install an application, you must first see how much RAM you have on your cellphone, so that there is no force close.

For now, if I can, I recommend that you buy a cellphone with at least 3GB of RAM.

3. Amount of Cache, Cache is useful for speeding up the speed of an android application or game. However, besides that, it can also slow down the process of an application or game.

4. Android OS Version below average, in the Playstore every game has been given a suitable version to download the application. So, if your android os version is below the average of the given version. Maybe that’s one of the causes of the game you are playing suddenly force close.

5. Game Version Too OldThe game version is one of the important things you have to pay attention to. If there is already the latest update, Mimin recommends that you update the game/application to the latest version.


1. Reset HP to Factory Data

Reset HP to Factory Data

Factory Data Reset, we delete all the applications that you have downloaded before. Then it was replaced with the default application from the cellphone such as Google Chrome etc. With a factory reset, we can delete all junk files that are still attached to our Android phones.

2. Restart your Android cellphone

Restart your Android cellphone

Restarting the android phone is one of the most successful ways, because if we restart our android phone. Applications that were previously running, will be forcibly stopped, with that we can save android cellphone battery and also don’t force our cellphone system to work excessively.

3. Delete Unnecessary Apps

Delete Unnecessary Apps

Friends, you can delete some of your applications that you no longer use. So, you can save your ram / memory, so that the games you play can run smoothly hahaha.

4. Clear Cache

Clear Cache

You can try to clear all the cache in your game or application. So that all the cache on your cellphone is erased and the memory used can also be reduced.

5. Updating to the Latest Version

Updating to the Latest Version

Yes, my friend is obliged to update your application / game to the latest version if there is a newer version. Because there must be an update on the application and if you haven’t updated to the latest version, maybe this is one of the causes of the game you are playing suddenly force close.

The final word

Okay, maybe that’s all I can say about the article How to Overcome Game Force Close. Maybe there are many more tips and tricks out there to overcome the force close. Yes, you can tinker with your Android phone if you really want to try something new. If there are still those who don’t understand, please comment in the comments column so that Mimin can help :).

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