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How to Overcome Ghost Touch on All Android Phones – Often we feel a ghost touch or a touch that we don’t touch is suddenly touched on our android phone. Especially when we play games that touch a lot when playing, it will make us feel annoyed and even more exciting times.

How to Overcome Ghost Touch on All HP
How to Overcome Ghost Touch on HP

Ghost touch itself happens to be influenced by various things when we buy a new smartphone. Therefore, before we buy a new cellphone / smartphone, we must first try the touch screen of the cellphone that we want to buy, whether it’s a trial cellphone or a new cellphone that will be provided by the cellphone seller itself.

For how to deal with ghost touch / screen touched by yourself, you can follow tips and tricks that can solve your problem.

What is Ghost Touch

Ghost Touch itself is one of the events that occurs on the cellphone screen which follows its own mind so that it opens various applications continuously or suddenly touches things that we don’t touch on our smartphone screens.

Cause of Ghost Touch

Actually the cause of ghost touch itself can occur due to various factors. Usually the thing that often happens is when we change the anti-scratch to a new one and there is dirt that is still on the screen of our smartphone. Dirt is what causes our touch screen suddenly touched.

How to Overcome Ghost Touch on HP

How to overcome ghost touch on your cellphone screen is actually very easy. You can do this with various tips that I will give below and hopefully it can help your problem regarding ghost touch.

Clean Anti-Scratch or HP Touch Screen

The first thing you have to do is clean the touch screen of your cellphone. If you have anti-scratch, you can remove the anti-scratch and then clean it slowly and in detail. In addition, you can clean your anti-scratch, be it the bottom of the anti-scratch or the outside.

Your HP Screen is Too Hot (Overheat)

The second is the possibility that your cellphone screen is overheating where your cellphone is no longer able to work because the system from the cellphone itself has overheated. The best solution, you have to cool or rest your cellphone first.

Reset Screen Calibration

The third thing you can try is to reset the calibration of your smartphone screen. For steps to set up touch screen calibration, you can use the “Touch Screen Calibration” application found on the Google Play Store. After that you download and install the application, you only need to follow the instructions provided by the application.

Performing a Reset (Reboot)

The next thing you can do is try to reset or reboot your smartphone. For the first step, you can try rebooting your cellphone first, if it doesn’t work this way. The thing you have to do is reset your cellphone to factory mode.

Damage to LCD or Screen

Damage to the Touch Screen / LCD can cause ghost touch to occur. What can cause the LCD screen to be damaged is when we touch our cellphone screen using dirty, watery, oily hands and others.

Therefore, what you have to do is you have to go to the nearest cellphone counter in your area to fix this problem. That’s what I can recommend for this.

Excessive CPU and RAM Working

By forcing the CPU and RAM to work excessively, it can cause ghost touch on our cellphones. The solution I can say is to reduce the applications that work in the background. With you open a lot of applications, it can cause the performance of your cellphone to be slow or unstable.

The final word

Those are some ways to deal with ghost touch on the cellphone screen that I can convey. If you have any questions, you can use the comment box below. Hopefully useful and don’t forget to share it with your friends who are experiencing the same thing. Thank you and good health always.

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