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How to Overcome Voice Chat Error in PUBG Mobile – Okay gamer friends, this time I want to share with you guys how to solve mic error in pubg or voice not working. But before that, who doesn’t know about this PUBG Mobile game. The PUBG Mobile game is one of the games that is booming and is also widely played by gamer YouTubers outside.
How to Overcome Voice Chat / Mic Not Working on PUBG Mobile

How to Overcome Mic Error / Not Working in PUBG – PUBG Mobile is also a game that I think is very good compared to Free Fire, Rules of Survival etc. Because in PUBG you can communicate with your friends / squad and also have pretty good and interesting graphics.

Of course, if when we play pubg suddenly the mic or voice chat doesn’t work, it’s very difficult because we find it difficult to communicate with our friends if there are enemies or want to strategize.

Therefore, here mimin will tell you how to solve voice chat errors on pubg mobile. Just plug it in.


1. Make sure your headset / earphones are connected

To do voice chat with friends, Mimin recommends that you use a headset / earphone because it will be easy to hear clearly. But before using it, make sure your headset / earphones are working and not damaged or the cellphone plug cable doesn’t fit / loose.

2. Grant Microphone Etc Permission To PUBG Mobile Game

After you install and open pubg, make sure you press the Accept / Yes button to allow all activities from the PUBG Mobile game itself. If you press the Reject / No button, it might be one of the causes of your voice chat not working properly.

3. Enable Microphone Button in PUBG Game

After the game starts, make sure you press the Voice Chat button so that your friend’s voice and your friend’s voice can be heard. To see if the voice of your friend or friend is heard or not. Buddy just say a few words and if there is a Microphone logo blinking in your name bar. It means that your friend’s voice chat is already working.

Activate the Microphone / Voice Chat PUBG Mobile

4. Update PUBG Mobile to the Latest Version

This is sometimes the cause, that you don’t update the pubg application is one of the causes of your microphone not working. So the admin recommends that you update if you haven’t updated your pubg game.

5. Uninstall and Reinstall / Delete PUBG Data and Cache

This is the last way that mimin can see, namely by uninstalling and then reinstalling the pubg mobile game buddy. But before that make sure you delete all data and cache or friends before uninstalling the pubg game, just try to delete the data and cache in the pubg game and see if the voice chat works if it still doesn’t work, buddy, uninstall and install it again.

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