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How to Permanently Clean Viruses on Computers and Flashdisks
How to Permanently Clean Viruses on Computers and Flashdisks

How to Permanently Clean Viruses on Computers and Flashdisks – Viruses? What is Virus? A virus is a program that can reproduce itself as much as possible. Viruses can also copy themselves and then spread by inserting themselves into copies of themselves and then into other programs and documents.

Actually, for those of you who really want to permanently delete viruses, it’s very easy, because the world we live in is already very sophisticated, therefore we can remove parasites / viruses that are on the devices we use. You can use some special applications whose purpose is to remove the virus.

Characteristics That Your Flash Drive Has Been Affected by Viruses.

1. There are many documents or files that are similar or the same.

2. Storage on the flasdisk looks full, but actually only a few files are stored.

3. There are some files or documents that you cannot delete permanently.

2 Ways to Permanently Clean Viruses on Flashdisk.

1. Format your Flashdisk.

You can use this method to remove the virus, namely by formatting the flash or the data contained in it. However, if in the flash there is important data that you want to get. You can first backup the data contained in the flash, then then you can format your flash.

2. Scan Using Virus Eradication Applications.

This method is done by most people, because in this way we only need to wait a matter of minutes to wait for the scan process to complete. The method is quite easy, you only need to connect your flash drive to a computer or laptop device and then scan it using a virus exterminator application, such as Smadav, Avast, and many more.

How to Clean Computer / Laptop Viruses Using the CMD Command Permanently.

This method is very useful and many have used it and managed to remove viruses that attack the devices we use. Well, follow the steps below!

1. Connect your flash drive to the device you are using now.

2. Then open the windows menu at the bottom left and type “Run” in the search program, or you can use (WINDOWS + R).

3. After the RUN program appears, type cmd in the RUN search. Then click OK.

4. Then the CMD screen will appear, type where the flash is located, for example: “E:” or “F:” (quote marks).

5. Next, type “dir /w/a” into the CMD menu and hit enter (without the quotes).

6. After that, look for viruses in the format or files such as, New Folder.exe, Ravmon.exe, Autorun.inf or you can look for viruses in the .exe format, look for very suspicious files. If we have never saved a file in the .exe format, it is inappropriate to suspect the file as a virus.

7. Deactivate all files by typing in the cmd menu like, “attrib-rash *.*” (remember! without the quotes) then press enter.

8. Then, we can delete the file that we suspect is a virus by typing “del” (without the quotes) how to delete it, for example: “delnew.exe” then press enter.

9. Right-click on the removable disk icon at the bottom right of your desktop and select “Safely Remove Hardware”.

10. Congratulations! Your computer / laptop is not infected with a virus.

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