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MangaOwl Apk Sub Indo – Who here likes to read novels, manga or comics? Maybe now you find the application read a novelmanga or comics that can be downloaded and installed on your smartphone device.

You can download applications through application distributors such as the Google Play Store, it’s just that usually if you download here you will be asked to subscribe to be able to open all manga or comics.


No wonder many fans of reading manga or comics choose to download this reading application through a third party. And of the many popular third-party reading applications, MangaOwl is quite the attention.

This is because MangaOwl is a free manga reading app as long as and different from others. So what if you want to download the MangaOwl reading application? For that we will discuss what it is, features, advantages, links, how to download and install it.

What is MangaOwl Apk?

MangaOwl Apk Features

MangaOwl is an application developed by a third party, where you can get tons of comics for free without the need for a subscription. Even more interesting in this MangaOwl Apk, there are many features embedded.

In addition, the MangaOwl Apk will also always be updated by the developer so that users can enjoy updates in it. So what are you waiting for, immediately download and enjoy it.

MangaOwl Apk Features

As already mentioned a little above, if there are many features in it. So what are these features? Discussing that, we will present information on what features are available.

1. Always Update Regularly

First, there is a feature that is always updated by the Apk developer. Where later MangaOwl will always update its catalog of the best comics and webtoons every month with various categories.

This is what makes manga or comic fans can stay up-to-date with fresh and unlimited reading. This is one of the advantages if you download the MangaOwl Apk.

2. Bookmark Favorite Comics

Second, there is a favorite comic bookmark feature. Where this feature will help readers who want to repeat old comics without having to look for them again in the Search feature.

3. Nice Graphics

Third, there are good graphic features, so readers will be able to enjoy reading in the most comfortable view. This is proof that the MangaOwl Apk is one of the best manga reading Apks.

4. Friendly UI

Fourth, there are user-friendly UI features. Maybe for those of you who are using MangaOwl Apk for the first time, it is guaranteed not to feel confused, because the MangaOwl UI is very user friendly so it will be easier for you to use it.

5. Easy to Understand Language

Fifth, there is a language feature that is easy to understand even though it is translated into English. However, you can also enjoy reading Indo sub which will make it easier for those of you who don’t understand English.

6. Interaction Between Readers

Sixth, there is a fellow reader interaction feature, so MangaOwl users can interact with other readers. In addition, it can also be a community together.

MangaOwl Apk Advantages & Disadvantages

If you already know what features are in the MangaOwl Apk above, then you just need to know the advantages and disadvantages of this one reading application. More details can be seen below.


Discussing the advantages, it can be seen from the features above. With the presence of these features, the advantages of the MangaOwl Apk can be felt, because it is different from other read Apks.


As for the shortcomings themselves, because this is a mod or third-party application, it is very detrimental for the original developer. In addition, there is malware that often carries a lot of viruses.

Download Link MangaOwl Apk Sub Indo

Download Link MangaOwl Apk Sub Indo

After knowing at a glance about the MangaOwl Apk above, for those of you who are interested in downloading or downloading, of course looking for information on the MangaOwl download link.

Because as you know, MangaOwl Apk is provided by a third party which is impossible to find in official application distributors. For MangaOwl Apk Indo Sub itself there are several versions.

Regarding MangaOwl Apk latest version, the most updated or latest is version 1.2.8. To download, please see and click the following MangaOwl Apk download link.

1. Version 1.2.8 (Latest Version)

APK VERSION 1.2.8 (Latest Version)
SIZE 68.89 KB
RELEASE DATE March 2, 2022

2. Version 1.2.7

SIZE 68.89 KB

3. version 1.2.5

SIZE 68.89 KB
RELEASE DATE 15 July 2021

4. Desktop Web Version


How to Download MangaOwl Apk Sub Indo

Discussing the download itself is actually very easy, where you just click the link that we provide above. Then you will be taken to a new mediafire page.

On that page, you will be given information regarding the size of the MangaOwl Apk file. To be able to download or download you just click the menu “Downloads”.

Then you just have to wait for the MangaOwl Apk file download process to finish. By itself, the MangaOwl file will be saved in the file manager of your device or smartphone.

How to Install MangaOwl Apk Sub Indo

How to Install MangaOwl Apk Sub Indo

Because this is an application that is not available on the Google Play Store, you need to install or install it manually. There are two stages in the process of installing this Indo Sub MangaOwl Apk.

First enable the permissions and secondly the process of installing the Apk on the device. But for those of you who are still confused about how to install or install the Apk, here are the easy steps to install MangaOwl Apk Sub Indo on your device.

1. Enable Permissions

The first step before installing the MangaOwl Sub Indo Apk, you need to activate device permissions in the settings / settings menu first.

  • Open the phone and enter the menu “Arrangement”.
  • Choose “Additional Settings”.
  • Then “Security and Privacy”.
  • In the section “Install Unknown Source Applications (Swipe to On)”.

2. Install MangaOwl Apk on Device

After activating device permissions, the next thing to do is install or install the MangaOwl Apk on the device. Regarding how you can see below.

  • Open menu “File Manager”.
  • Choose an option “Downloads”.
  • Search file app “MangaOwl Apk”.
  • Then click the file.
  • Then click “Install”.

Please wait until the MangaOwl installation process is complete and successful. If the installation is successful, then you have opened it and immediately used it to read various manga or comics for free.

However, in some cases, many MangaOwl Apk users cannot be opened and accessed. This is what makes reading your comic a bit delayed until you figure out what the cause is and how to fix it.

Risks & Dangers of Using MangaOwl Apk from Third Parties

As explained a little above, if the MangaOwl Apk Indo Sub is not available in the official app store, but through a third party. Because it is illegal, making MangaOwl Apk classified as dangerous and has risks.

So what are the risks and dangers of using MangaOwl Apk Sub Indo obtained from third parties? For more details, you can see how dangerous the Apk user is.

1. Disadvantage of Original Developer

First there is a loss on the part of the original developer. This is because the developer may lose revenue from the copyright that has been created due to the application being hijacked by irresponsible parties.

2. Account Blocking

Second, there is a risk of permanently blocking the account or getting banned by the original developer. It doesn’t stop there, you can be banned from using the MangaOwl application forever.

3. Presence of Malware

Third, there is malware that often carries viruses, these viruses can damage the device. Even not only that, the virus can also be an intermediary for retrieval and theft of all data on the device.

With this, the installation of this illegal Mod Apk certainly does not make the safety of important file data on the device safe. So once again it is wiser to use this Apk and the risk is borne by the user.


Apart from the MangaOwl Apk Sub Indo above, there are many other comic reading applications that you can download and install on your device. One of them is the Manhwaland Apk which can be downloaded via this link Manhwaland Apk latest version.

Maybe that’s all the discussion about MangaOwl Apk Indo Sub that can be done convey from what it is, features, advantages and disadvantages, download links, how to install and the risks and dangers of using it.

The discussion of the MangaOwl Apk Sub Indo above may be useful for all. But once again, the installation of this Apk makes the risk and danger borne by the user.

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