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Location of Borobudur Temple in Bussid – Bus Simulator ID or better known as Bussid is one of the best Simulation games today. Most of the players in this game are Android users.

Besides that, Bussid also really offers the excitement and sensation of driving a Bus, Truck or other vehicle across the Indonesian Regional Map route. Now, talking about the Map on Bussid, did you know that now in Bussid the Borobudur Temple location is already available.


Borobudur Temple is one of the most iconic tourist sites in the Special Region of Yogyakarta. That way, if there is a Borobudur Temple location on Bus Simulator ID, it means that you can visit the location for sightseeing.

But if you want to visit the location of Borobudur Temple, first you need to determine the travel route on the Bussid Map first. Well, instead of being curious, just look at the full explanation below.

Location of Borobudur Temple in Bussid

Location of Borobudur Temple in Bussid

As we know before we start gliding, pulling or even Mabar at Bussid First, each player needs to determine a route or map. Well, for the location of the Borobudur Temple itself, it is located between Semarang and Yogyakarta.

But to find where the Borobudur Temple is, you need to install the Mod first. Almost the same as Mod Map Bussidit’s just that here there is content creators who specifically share the location of the Borobudur Temple.

As for the Bussid Map, it usually presents new travel routes such as Sireview Lauik, Offroad routes and so on. Then where can we get a Mod or Kodename to display the Borobudur Temple building?

MOD Borobudur Temple Bus Simulator ID

MOD Borobudur Temple Bus Simulator ID

Relax, for those of you who are curious about what the Borobudur Temple building looks like in the Bus Simulator ID game, here we have prepared the Mod download link. Please download first via the following link:

After successfully downloading the Mod file, now all you have to do is install it. In this process you need a supporting application called ZArchiver. Please download the application on the Google Play Store.

If so, please follow the following procedure to install the Borobudur Temple Mod:

  • Open the ZArchiver App
  • Look for the Mod file that has been downloaded
  • After that Extract the Mod file and enter the password: selen budur boro sandals
  • Then open the extracted folder. After that move all files in it to folder Android -> OBB -> com.maleo.bussimulatorid -> main -> assets -> bin -> data
  • Until here the Borobudur Temple Mod is available in the Bussid application

Route to Borobudur Temple

After successfully installing the Mod above, here you still have to determine the route of travel to get to the location of Borobudur Temple. We have mentioned above that the location of this building is in Yogyakarta.

But to shorten the time to get to that location, we recommend determining a travel route with a departure point from the city Semarang and goals Yogyakarta. If so, then you just have to follow the route until you get to the location of the Borobudur Temple building.

For your information, the location of Borobudur Temple is on the left side of the road if you depart from Semarang City. Arriving at the location, later you can go down and look at the building like tourists visiting Borobudur Temple.

But unfortunately in this game there is no feature to drop passengers at any location. If you can, then you can invite the passengers to get off and visit Borobudur Temple.

That way, here you can act as if you are a tour guide at Borobudur Temple. But we’ll just have to wait and see if this feature will be available in the future.


That’s the information from about the location of the Borobudur Temple in Bussid. So to display the building on Bussid, you only need to install the Kodename that has been created by the content creator Sendal Selen.

You can download the Borobudur Temple building Mod file via the link we presented above. Hopefully with the information this time it can add to your excitement in playing the Bus Simulator ID game.

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