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Never thought

for me to be a wife

a senator, and it happened at a time when I felt that I was at the lowest point in my life.

Stupid questions asked by my best friend, which in the end dragged me to the lowest hell of my life, but the man I had messed up his life with because of that ridiculous question came to offer a fake life as a senator siti in order to maintain his reputation.

Being a wife because of a compulsion and living in a falsehood was not able to make me resist the man’s charm. A widower with one child who finally stole my heart because I had also fallen in love with his only daughter since the first time I saw his clear eyes.

Life becomes more complicated when I get too deeply involved in what is called love. This is my story with Maximilian Spencer, the Senator.

How he who loved Adelaide so much, the perfect woman and wife who died in a shooting finally fell in love with me, an ordinary woman.

I didn’t even think that, when our relationship was on the brink, he stripped off all his attributes as a senator and came to me to ask me to come back to him.

If asked, I not only loved him, I even had a crush on the man, Maximilian Spencer, the Senator who was my husband.

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