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The story of a young lecturer who besides academics he is also a practitioner in the field of business, meets a girl who is fifteen years older than him. Although in two marriages failed, but the charm of the innocent girl melted his heart.

Christopher Hudson, handsome, rich, intelligent and near perfect both physically and in intelligence, suddenly falls in love with the innocence of a young girl who is one of the students in his class, Isabella Dimitri. An innocent, innocent girl, born to a family she never even knew, and grew up in an orphanage, spending her time working in a coffee shop until she finally got a scholarship from, a company owned by the lecturer Christhopper Hudson.

Will Christopher Hudson craze Isabella Dimitri until some of his intelligence is paralyzed?

Today’s romance is packed very epic with a clear plot and clever language, so that it makes the readers who read it excited to continue part by part and bulldoze scene by scene.

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