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PES 21 2022 2023 Season File Options – Are you a PES 2021 player on PS4 and PS5? Yes, most console game users are not interested in eFootball PES which is the latest version of the Pro Evolution Soccer game.

If so, it means that you need the Option File so that the transfer market from Club PES 21 can adjust to the current transfer market, the 2022 2023 season. As we know that this summer’s transfer market many clubs are selling and bringing in new players, one of which is quite horrendous. R Lewandowski’s transfer to Barcelona.


Apart from R. Lewandowski, there are other transfer updates that are no less horrendous, including Gabriel Jesus to Arsenal, C. Eriksen to Manchester United, Lukaku returning to Chelsea to Di Maria to Juventus.

If the PES 21 game installed on your PS4 and PS5 has not been patched or installed with the Option File, then the transfer updates for these players will not be found. Therefore, here we have prepared a link to get the PES 21 File Option for the 2022 2023 transfer market.

PES 21 2022 2023 Season File Options

PES 21 2022 2023 Season File Options

As we mentioned above that by installing the Option File or Patch on the PES 21 game, later all the Clubs in it will follow the latest transfer market. Why not just the latest version of the PES game? Because, for 2022 and beyond, Konami only releases the PES eFootball game which has a different theme, gameplay and control from PES (Pro Evolution Soccer).

This means that the PES 21 game is the last series that can be played before changing to the latest version, namely eFootball PES. Therefore, for PES 21 users on PS4 and PS5, you cannot follow player transfer updates without applying the Patch.

Some of you who have played PES 21 on PS4 and PS5 may have already install Patch 21 22. Well, for the Option File that we will present, this is the latest transfer update for the 2022 2023 season.

But before that, you need to know because there are so many fans of the PES 21 Option File for the 2022 2023 season, so a lot of content creators charge a fee for anyone who wants to get the file. In fact, it is not uncommon for Option File providers to attach a password, but they do not disclose the password, as a result, many users are deceived.

Meanwhile, for those of you who need the PES 21 File Option 22/23 season, you can buy it directly at the link provided below:


With a price of 120 thousand, later you will receive the PES 21 File Option update transfer summer 2022 2023. The file sent is 100% usable without the need to enter a password. It should also be noted that the patch supports the following:

Player Transfer Updates

Player Transfer Updates

First, all clubs have implemented the transfer update for the 2022-2023 season, including:

Names of players Current Club
R. Lewandowski Barcelona
Rapinha Barcelona
F. Kessie Barcelona
S. Mane Bayern Munich
M. De Light Bayern Munich
A. Di Maria Juventus
P. Pogba Juventus
R. Lukaku Inter Milan
Darwin Nunez Liverpool
A. Rudiger Real Madrid
P. Dybala AS Roma

Notes : In addition to the names of the players listed in the table above, there are transfer updates at other clubs.

Jersey Club Updates

Second, all Home and Away Jerseys from each Club have also been updated to the 2022 2023 season. However, the number of new Jerseys for each Club may vary, some provide 3 Jerseys and some have up to 5 new Jerseys.

All Clubs Licensed

Finally, when using the PES 21 file option for the 2022 2023 season, all Clubs in it will also be licensed. That is, all Club Logos will be in accordance with the original, it is different when PES 21 is not installed with the Option File, then the unlicensed Club Logo will not match the original name and appearance of the Logo.

How to Install PES 21 PS4 & PS5 File Options

How to Install the PES 21 PS4 PS5 File Option

For those of you who have made a purchase transaction for the PES 21 Option File for the 2022 2023 season, now let’s move on to the installation procedure. Actually, how to install this file is not much different from the process PES 21 Patch installation previous season. it’s just that the Option File season 22/23 has a larger file size.

Meanwhile, for the procedure for installing the PES 21 Lewandowski to Barcelona Option File on PS4 or PS5, you must have a Flashdisk or external storage device with FAT32 format. If you don’t have it, please buy the Flashdisk here.

If everything is ready, now please follow the steps below to install the PES 21 2022 2023 Season File Option on PS4 and PS5:

  1. Extract Option File using PC or Laptop
  2. After that change the extracted folder name to WEPES
  3. Next, move the WEPES folder to the prepared FAT32 Flashdisk
  4. If so, now turn on the PS4 or PS5 and then attach the Flashdisk to the USB slot
  5. Then go to the Settings menu -> Storage -> delete the Edit Data file in the PES 21 game
  6. After running the PES 21 game on PS4 or PS5
  7. Then go to the Settings menu -> Edit
  8. Select the Import / Export menu
  9. Select Delete Images and delete all images
  10. If so, please save the changes
  11. Then go back to the Import/Export menu and select Import Team
  12. Go to the WEPES folder that has been prepared on the Flashdisk
  13. Press the Square button on the PS . Controller
  14. Wait for the file input process to complete (approximately 645 files)
  15. After that go to the Import Competition menu and do the same process as the Import Team
  16. After all the Option Files are input, please save the changes
  17. Done

Want to Get PES 21 Season 22/23 Patch for Free?

If the File Options above are lacking recommended because it is paid, you can also get the PES 21 2022 2023 Option File for free through your friends who may have purchased the Option File above.

Or you can also download it yourself on Youtube, but the free link may only be available after a few months, when all PES 21 users on PS4 and PS5 have installed a lot of patches.


So that’s the information from related to the PES 21 2022 2023 season File Option where R. Lewandowski has moved to Barcelona, ​​S. Mane is already at Bayern Munich and several other Star player transfer updates.

But once we remind you that the Option File above is not free, but you have to buy it at a price of 120 thousand via the link we presented above. After the transaction is successful, you will receive a link to download the file.

Above, we also shared the procedure for installing the PES 21 Option File for the most updated transfer market. So, what are you waiting for, let’s hurry up and install the Patch on the PES 21 PS4 or PS5 game and start playing with Star players in your favorite Club.

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