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pare daniskun

Have you ever heard of the city of Pare? Pare yes not Pare – Pare. Pare is very well known to the public as the English village, not only from Indonesia who come here, but also from abroad who are willing to go all the way to Pare for just a course or just a walk.

Everyone who comes to this city if not for an English course or just a normal walk. In Pare, there are many courses, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.

During my time in Pare, I just tried 3 courses, first at TEST English School, KRESNA, and PEACE Course. Sometimes at night I usually go to TOEFL Class, it’s free for the public, just to buy a drink or eat hehe.

Basic User

The first time I went to Pare was in early February, around the 6th. On someone’s recommendation, the first destination at that time was the TEST English Course. Oh yes, for the course entry schedule usually in Pare has a certain period of time.

For example, if you want a course in the 10th period, it means that the registrant can register for the course before the 10th, if after that date the institution will close the registration.

As with the 25th period, 25th here means that registrants will take courses on the 25th and the course will open registration for classes before the 25th. This system is what makes pare unique.


Finish Class, Test English

Back again.. When I first went to Pare, I was confused about what class to register for, because there was absolutely no basic English ability. Finally I signed up for the Basic User class, the most basic class for learning English.

The registration fee at that time was Rp. 1.200.000 for 1 month course. Includes dormitory, material books, green book and wi-fi. Usually in a dormitory in 1 room filled with 2-4 people. Even though it feels cramped, just enjoy it haha.


Enter class 5 times a day from Monday to Thursday, Morning activities are usually classes Memorizingthe afternoon is faced with class Drilling, Writing and speaking. In the evening there are multimedia classes, usually watching movies or singing songs.

Let’s open our class with reciting bla bla bla together

The end of the multimedia class has been welcomed by green bookthe legendary book whose contents conversation Jane and her friends are making preparations memorizing for the next day, this is enough to make me feel thin and slim even though it only lasted 1 month.

Overall This method is indeed effective for me whose English is minus, entering class in early February until it is finished in early March is enough to arouse my courage to speaking in front of people on the street.


Friday usually schedule counseling guidance with moiselle or monsieur. so, monsieur (Boy Tutor) and mosielle (Girl tutor) is a title or nickname for a tutor in TEST English, because French is a bit foreign so, usually write monsieur so Mizu, while Mosielle So Mozel haha.

Because at that time I didn’t really know the English village, so on Saturdays I just played futsal with my dorm friends. It’s good for just refreshing while removing the burden from the sentence “Don’t Speak Language”. Haha, yes, it’s forbidden at camp speak Indonesian. If caught violating, there is usually a penalty.


Pre-Planet english

1 Month in camp The semi-military TEST English finally after the course finished I moved to KRESNA, with a little capital speaking it’s time to fight with GRAMMAR.

Because grammar I was really bad so I ended up going to Pre-Planet English class, the best class basic to learn grammar at KRESNA, always take classes Basic ha ha.

The beginning of entering Grammar class already makes me dizzy, usually speaking don’t use this rule even if you want speaking asked to think, want to make a sentence must know the pattern of the sentence.

It’s true what people say, learn from experience, grammar is taught every day, so the more you come here, the more you enjoy it, especially when you meet friends of the same frequency that you can take anywhere.


The Koplaks, An-Nur Mosque, Pare

Grammar classes at Kresna are only 2 times a day, so the remaining hours can be used to play around in English Village, if you haven’t tried it, you won’t be able to go to Pare street foodusually a lot of places street food it’s on Carnation street.

By the way Before moving to Carnation, my boarding house was still on Jalan Lamtana, the boarding house was quite comfortable, maybe a dream boarding house, because in front of the boarding house there is a very cheap food stall haha.

Usually every week always go to Pare car Free Daybike to cfd the intention is to do sports, leave the bike and keep going to the stadium

Arriving at the stadium, I saw a very long running track, instead I became hungry and kept going. Walked to the square, when I got there I looked for yellow rice, I lost my intention to do sports.


Actually, in the English village there are many references to food places, one of which I usually call geprek budhe chicken, it is located near the TEST English office, usually open from 5 pm to 8 pm. With a large portion of rice.

The thing that makes you drool is the large pieces of chicken, even though the price is quite cheap for a boarding house class, this type of rice stall is what a boarding house child really wants.

And again, if it’s late at night, you’re too lazy to memorize, you can take your friends to spicy noodles, one of the places to eat where you have to queue. If it’s a matter of eating spicy, sorry, it’s not strong, at least order the chili 1 haha.

There is also a place that is quite tasty and crowded, Grammar cafe, a place to hang out which is quite a hit in English Village.


The Koplaks, Grammar Cafe

Because almost 2 weeks I never study speaking Finally, while taking a Grammar course at Kresna, I also took a speaking course, calculated as a distraction, because in a week many schedules are empty. Great to help confidence to be able to speak in front of a crowd.

2 weeks I took a speaking class at PEACE Course, Jl. Brawijaya, it’s good to get new friends. Even though the contents are people who are known haha, but at least for a week they don’t have to deal with grammar.

Planet English

After 1 month of entering the Pre-Planet English class, I finally finished and tried to take a class Grammar others are longer.

Planet English, the Advanced Program from Pre-Planet to learn English which is quite a favorite in Kresna, will be discussed in 2 months with material Grammar. Wellthis is enough to make me fall in love with English Grammar.

I go to class 4 times a day, from the morning I have been treated to delicious grammar material. Finish the morning class around 7 then look for breakfast to block the stomach.

At 10 am I had to go back to class to enjoy the Grammar material again. Lunch break until 4 pm, Then continue to class until 5:30 pm. Very enjoyable.

Is it over? not yet. Night is schedule Micro Teaching (Tutorial), usually accompanied by a special tutor whose 1 group is usually only 4-5 members. This session is the best, you can eat it while you eat it haha.

May-June 2017, just right with the fasting month. Same as usual, the fasting month is identical with bukber, but this time bukber is with friends who I think are very new to me.


Even though they just met, everything was going on fun, starting from bukber at the course, bukber with class children, together with period love, bukber at the mosque, yes, the opportunity for boarding children, always bukber at the mosque, it’s good to save money hehe.

During the course program, this program has a special place in my heart. The class atmosphere is not tense, good friends, teacher and super friendly tutors.

Occasionally a member of the planet english class make activity fun games which is held on the sidelines of course activities, usually on Saturdays or holidays there is a kind of competition between classes, it’s okay for boredom repellent.

TOEFL Preparation

After finishing Planet English’s grammar class, I finally went back to Jogja for a while to celebrate Eid al-Fitr. Early July to Pare again to take TOEFL Preparation, this package has 3 classes, Listening Comprehension, Structureand Written Expression.

It used to be crowded with friends, this time it was quite quiet, the other friends had already gone home, and some took other classes. TOEFL class is bland, don’t know each other haha, in the group it’s very quiet, but at the end of the period it becomes liquid.

At the end of the TOEFL class period, friends have a meal together teacheracquaintance with each other, wellthis is late but it’s okay to know, just follow-follow on Instagram hehe.

A glimpse of the story in Pare, English Village, a very memorable 6 months. Pare is not just a place to learn, there are also many people who come there to just take a walk, enjoy bicycles in every corner of Tulungrejo village.

Pare is not a big city, but everyone who comes there will have their own story and story.

Btw The above is lame, but there’s some truth in it haha. From me, who is clumsy, I get close friends, from those who are lazy to hang out, I like hanging out just drinking 5 thousand coffee.

Maybe some of these people are ordinary but this is a pretty good change for me who is actually super super cool.

* * * *


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