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For Luna Kinandya, dealing with the camera is a normal thing, it has become her daily “food”.

She is very beautiful, obviously, just her profession as a model and celebrity, so there is no need to doubt her physique. However, being beautiful, having money and being old enough will not make a mate just come. At the age of 25, Luna must be willing to be lectured every day by her mother who is worried that her beautiful daughter will become an old maid.

Luna herself thinks that her mother is outdated. For a career woman, age 25 is the time to work. Not stuck in a marriage. Adnanta Abram, he is handsome, hardworking, and not lacking in wealth. However, his nature is not as sweet as the land crocodiles out there, making it difficult for him to be close to women. Adnan actually didn’t mind that.

He feels 28 years is a relatively young age. Adnan is not yet interested in having troublesome relationships with women, he still wants to focus on his skyrocketing business. However, who would have thought, their meeting was able to reveal and change so many things about the past, present and future.

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