Download Teaching Module for PPKn (Pancasila Education) SMP/MTs Independent Curriculum 2022 Full Version

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Teaching Module for PPKn (Pancasila Education) Elementary School / MTs Independent Curriculum 2022 – Assalamualaikum, friends of educators wherever you are, this time I have the opportunity to return again to share modules about the latest independent curriculum, hopefully it can be a reference for all mothers and fathers.

Pancasila Education Module

Download the Teaching Module for Civics Education Subject Phase D at Middle School Level In the Merdeka Curriculum – In the Merdeka Curriculum, there is a project to strengthen the Achievement of the Pancasila Student Profile, which is developed based on certain themes set by the government. This project does not aim to achieve certain Learning Outcomes targets, so it is not tied to subject content.

As we all know that the Independent Curriculum is a curriculum with diverse intra-curricular learning, where the content will be more optimal so that students have enough time to explore concepts and strengthen competencies.

In the learning process, teachers have the flexibility to choose various teaching tools so that learning can be adapted to the learning needs and interests of students.

Download the Teaching Module for the Middle School Level of the Independent Learning Curriculum

Teaching modules are a number of media tools, methods, instructions, and guidelines that are designed in a systematic and interesting way. The teaching module is an implementation of the Learning Objectives Flow which was developed from Learning Outcomes with the Pancasila Student Profile as the target.

Teaching modules are arranged according to the phase or stage of student development, considering what will be learned with learning objectives, and based on long-term development. For this reason, teachers need to understand the concept of teaching modules so that the learning process is more interesting and meaningful.


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