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Total Football Review – As football game lovers, you must be familiar with the eFootball PES Mobile and FIFA Mobile games. Yes, currently both games are claimed to be the best soccer games that can be played on Android and iOS.

Talking about soccer games, please note that recently there has been a new game called Total Football. Allegedly Total Football will be a tight competitor for eFootball PES Mobile and FIFA Mobile.


Total Football is here to bring many interesting things, one of which is in terms of graphics. Reportedly, the display graphics presented by Total Football are almost similar to Football games on PC and Console. Not only that, Total Football also offers many interesting features in it.

Instead of being curious, it’s better to just look at the Total Football game review in terms of Graphics, Controls and Features and Game Modes available in it. If you are interested in playing it, below we have also prepared a download link for Total Football for Android and iOS.

Total Football Review

Total Football Review

Besides FIFA Mobile and eFootball PES Mobile, now Football game enthusiasts can try new things from the Total Football game. Yes, the game that was released on July 31, 2022 is ready to be a tough competitor for FIFA and PES Mobile.

Total Football can be played on Android and iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). Besides that, because it has just been released, Total Football is still present in the BETA version and not yet Full Version. Even so, we have prepared a review of the game.

As we mentioned above, Total Football has an advantage in terms of graphics which reportedly almost resembles a football game on PC, PlayStation, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Switch. For more details, just take a look at the full review of Total Football below:

A. Graphic Review

Graphic Review

First, we will explain a review of the display graphics presented in the Total Football game. Here, players can choose Graphics quality up to Ultra 60 fps which certainly makes the display clearer, firmer and smoother of course.

Even when talking about graphics, Total Football also presents a Cut Scene just before the match in the form of a Line Up display, field conditions and so on. That way, you can really feel the sensation of playing Console Soccer games on Mobile smartphone devices.

Then when you score a goal, you can do Iconic Celebrations belonging to Star players such as C. Ronaldo, E. Haland, K. Mbappe, P. Aubameyang and so on. So according to, the Graphics review from Total Football has a perfect score.

B. Control Review

Control Review

Second, we also have a review of the Controls implemented by Total Football. Just like eFootball PES Mobile and FIFA Mobile, in Total Football Control there are also several buttons that are useful for Passing, Shooting, Dashing (Running), applying pressure and so on. But for the type there are 2 (two) control options in Total Football, namely:

3-Button Control

3-Button Controls are made for beginners, because this type of Control is easier to use.

4-Button Control

As for the 4-Button Control, it is suitable for Pro-Players. These controls are more complex, so they require certain adjustments and skills. For eFootball Mobile or FIFA Mobile players, you might not have any trouble using this type of Control.

C. Review of Game Features & Modes

Game Mode Feature Review

Finally, we have a review of Total Football in terms of features and available game modes. Just take a look at the full review below:

1. Training Tutorials

When you first play Total Football you will be asked to complete the Training Mode. Here you need to do a tutorial Dribel, Pass, Shoot, Scramble and do Mini Match. After completing the mission, later you will get one free player as a gift.

2. Club Logo Making

Furthermore, as usual, there will be a user name creation feature. Please enter the username that has been prepared. After that, there is the most interesting feature here, which is creating a Club Logo. Yes, you can choose several Emblems as material for making Club Logos. As for the Club name, you can also type it as you wish.

3. Jersey Club Selection

Not only making Club Logos, Total Football also provides features to make Jerseys or Kits according to taste. Here you can determine the uniform according to the appearance of the Club Logo color that has been created. Or you can customize uniforms and favorite Clubs in the Real World.

4. Player Recruit Features

Then in Total Football there is also a Recruit Player feature like Football games in general. However, the currency or items used to purchase Total Football players are not yet known, considering that this game is still in BETA version.

5. Squad Features

There is also a Squad feature that allows you to set up formations, change Line Ups, change Managers and so on.

6. Career Mode

Lastly, Total Football also has a Game Mode in Career Mode. Here you can build a squad of the best players from all over the world. Later there will also be many missions or events that can be followed. Every time you win an event, there will be a reward which can then be used to improve the ability of the Squad.

In addition to Career Mode, it is reported that Total Football will also release a Friend Match Mode, so you can do Mabar Total Football with friends or other users online.

Total Football Excellence

After listening to reviews about Graphics, Controls, Features and Game Modes in Total Football, are you interested in playing it? Yes, from the discussion above, we can see that Total Football presents a very cool and realistic graphic display.

Not only that, in our opinion Total Football also has the advantage of having a Logo and Jersey Club creation feature. Yes, you have never encountered such a feature in any Mobile Soccer game.

Total Football Disadvantages

As for the shortcomings of Total Football, of course the version is still BETA. In addition, Total Football also does not provide a Commentator feature during matches. One more thing, Total Football does not have a League or Football Club license, so the appearance of the Logo on the League and Club does not match the original.

Download Game Total Football

Download Game Total Football

Finally, for those who can’t wait to try out what Total Football is like, please download it via the link below:

The size of the Total Football game application is between 1 GB to 1.3 GB. On the Google Play Store, this game has a 4.0 rating and has been downloaded 100 thousand times. Meanwhile on the App Store, the Total Football rating is 4.4 with over 100,000 users.


So that’s the Total Football review from Because this is still a BETA version, we will wait until the Full Version of Total Football is released, is it true that Total Football will replace PES Mobile and FIFA Mobile as the best football game today. But for those who are curious and can’t wait for Total Football Full Version, please download the BETA version first via the link we presented above.

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