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Today’s Total Football Gift Code – Recently, the newest Football game for Mobile devices has been introduced, namely Total Football. The game is said to be a tight competitor for the eFootball Mobile and FIFA Mobile games.

The excitement offered in the Total Football game is also not inferior to other best Football games. Here you can enjoy the features of buying and selling players, Mabar, Career Mode and so on. There are even special features to make Club Logos, Uniforms and Stadium Designs as you wish.


Apart from all the features available in the Total Football game, here players can also use Redeem Codes or Gift Codes to get various attractive prizes. Gift codes in this game have different validity periods.

Usually, the Total Football Redeem Code changes every day. Besides, the way to get it is also different. So, for more details, just take a look at the information regarding how to get a Gift Code, a list of prizes offered to how to use the code in the following Total Football game.

Today’s Total Football Gift Code

Total Football Gift Code

If on PES Mobile there are features Promo Code to get rare items in large quantities, in the Total Football game there is also a similar feature called Gift Codes. Actually, these two terms have the same definition, which is to provide an opportunity for users to claim interesting and certainly useful items in the game.

So, in Total Football you can get Gift Codes from Youtube creator content such as Open Sharing Channel, IKKY69 and so on. In addition, Gift Codes can also be obtained from Facebook, Telegram or WhatsApp groups containing Total Football game users.

Gift Codes or Redeem Codes themselves offer a lot of benefits for users, especially for recruiting players for free. So, here every user is required to have an Agent Contract or Contract item to buy the best players available.

Meanwhile, the Contract item in Total Football is one of the items that is quite difficult to get. Each Player will need to complete several tasks to get a reward in the form of a number of Agent Contracts.

But as we mentioned above that Agent Contracts can be collected quickly if you exchange some Total Football Gift Codes for today:


Gift Code Gift

Gift Code Gift

Then for those who are still wondering about what prizes are offered from the Gift Code above, we will explain in detail below. So, each Gift Code that we present each provides a gift in the form of a Contract item.

It’s just that the number of Contract items available varies, namely there are 1000 and some are 500. But what is clear, all the Gift Codes or Redeem Codes above definitely provide the gift, aka nothing is ZONK as long as you exchange it today.

If not immediately exchanged today, the Gift Code will be forfeited and cannot be used. Therefore, after getting the information above, we recommend that you immediately make an exchange to claim a Contract item.

Meanwhile, the Contract item itself is useful for buying new players in Total Football. For one time recruiting players you need 100 Agent Contracts. That is, if the total Contract items obtained from the Gift Code today reach 2500 items, then you can buy players 25 times.

How to Enter the Total Football Redeem Code

Don’t know how to exchange Total Football Redeem Code? Relax, here we have prepared a complete tutorial. But before that, please note that the Gift Code redemption process will only be successful if the code entered is correct.

So, each Redeem Code in this game consists of a set of words written in capital letters and without spaces. That way, if the code is written incorrectly, for example using lowercase letters or using spaces, the code will not apply.

Alright, so that it’s clearer, just look at the procedure for exchanging Gift Codes today to get an Agent Contract at Total Football:

1. Go to Menu Settings

Go to Menu Settings

The first step please enter the menu Settings in the top right corner

2. Choose Gift Code

Choose Gift Code

After that select the menu Gift Code in the below section

3. Enter Code

Enter Code

Then Enter Redeem Code which we have presented above after that click Exchange

4. Successfully Get Agent Contract

Successfully Get Agent Contract

Until here you have successfully redeemed Gift Code and obtain Agent Contract items.

Later, the item will only be used to buy the best players in the Transfer Exchange -> Agent menu. If the Total Football Squad is inhabited by the best players, then your squad will be hard to beat.


So that’s it for today’s Total Football Redeem Code list that can be done share. Remember, immediately exchange the Gift Code above before the validity period expires. By exchanging the code, later you can collect Agent Contracts of up to 2500 to be used for shopping for the best players in Total Football.

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