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Samara, one of the staff at a well-known Company. Have a hobby of making cakes and pastries. Unmarried at thirty years of love for himself. Her husband will have to have the criteria according to his wishes. For Samara, marriage only changes the status, not the character of the couple. The approaching men came and went, but, none of them caught his heart.

Ryan Kennard or commonly known as Kennard is a Director of CLOE Company. Kennard is known to be indifferent, flat, and cold, but has a mischievous side to the women he likes. His visit to the subsidiary brought him together with Samara. Samara’s kind and pleasant demeanor caught Kennard’s heart. Kennard intends to treat Samara. Samara refused, Kennard continued to insist. Disliked by Kennard’s attitude, Samara left him in the parking lot.

The act of taking revenge on each other leads to unpleasant things for Samara. She is pregnant with Kennard’s son. How come?

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