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live and study in jogja
The Hidden Oasis.

Yes, almost 4 years living in Jogja, exactly 3 years and 6 months. The main purpose of going to Jogja is college. Being accepted by a private university is enough to make me happy, you know, the story of my previous life was quite bitter haha.

Came to Jogja in early February 2017, just passing through to transit to Pare, Kediri. In September of the same year, I finally officially stayed in Jogja. ‘Early life’.

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WellAs a boarding house student who is quite experienced but not certified, I live my daily life quite smoothly. Quiet boarding house, few friends (not even there yet) is a sufficient start, until finally entering college.

Who will my friend be?

At the beginning of my first year of college, I was frustrated, I had few friends, the material was quite difficult, plus I wasn’t used to piling up assignments, it was like hell on campus or in a boarding house.

Not to mention joining committees, in semester 1 I took 5 campus committees at once, it was a bit of a hassle because I had never participated in events before, but everything went quite smoothly.

The second year finally started renting a house with a classmate. The rental we took was close to the Kotagede market. Even though daily activities are fun, that doesn’t mean college is the same.

The more semesters, the more the workload increases, and the more ‘stupid’ with the GPA, not repeating the course is very grateful.

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Enter the third year, medieval semester. Finally moved to a new rented house in the mergangsan area with ‘new friends’, Started feeling busy with the Job Training report, felt wrong major, wanted to lie down.

Now this semester, it has started to rarely go out to play or just ride a motorbike, is invited out by friends who are lazy, feel more comfortable in the room than outside.

Entering the beginning of the fourth year of college, drama began to happen a lot. Starting from the Koped Pandemic, the chaos of Project Tasks, until finally in the 7th semester the Metopen seminar failed.

Annoying semester, but wise people say ‘Life must go on’like it or not, you have to follow a new scenario hehe. Wellnow has entered the 8th semester, plan new, new hope.

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