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Unreadable Flash Drive on PS4 – As a PS4 user, you will definitely find a USB slot on the Console device. What is the function of the USB slot on the PlayStation 4 for? Don’t PS4 games come in Digital and Disc form?

Yes, for new PS4 users, there may be people who don’t know why the device is equipped with a USB slot. So, with this feature, users will be able to pair Flashdisks or other external storage devices for various purposes, one of which is the Option File input for PES games on PS4.


Well, for those of you who might want to upload some files from Flashdisk to PS4, have you ever experienced problems in the form of an unreadable Flashdisk installed? Yes, lately the team has often found problems like this in the comments column.

Therefore, here we will try to help explain the causes and how to overcome External storage devices in the form of FDs, Harddisks and the like that are not readable on PS4. Just take a look at the discussion below.

Unreadable Flash Drive on PS4

Unreadable Flash Drive on PS4

As we mentioned above that one of the uses of Flashdisk on PS4 devices is to pairing Option File or Patch to PES games. In addition, some PS4 game patches also need to go through a similar process to upload the required files.

Meanwhile, on the PS4 there are 2 (two) USB slots that are useful for connecting External storage to the device. Then to find out if the USB Storage status has been read or not on the PS4, you can follow the steps below:

  • Enter the Settings menu
  • Select Device
  • Select USB Storage
  • If there is already a name for the USB Storage Driver installed, it means that the external storage has been read on the PS4.

On the other hand, if it doesn’t exist, the Flashdisk, Harddisk or others have not been read and usually a notification will appear Can’t Read USB Flash Drive, How I Can Fix It?. Therefore, sometimes there are PS4 users, especially PES players who claim that the Patch file doesn’t work, even though the storage containing the file has not been read by the PS4.

If so, it means that the Patch file or other files that you want to upload to PS4 cannot be processed. Then what should be done so that the Flashdisk can be read on the PS4?

Cause PS4 Can’t Read Flashdisk

Before we explain how to solve this problem, first we want to share information regarding several factors that could be the reason why FD is not readable on PS4. So, the above problem can occur due to several things as follows:

1. Improper Installation

The first cause can come from the installation of the Flashdisk in the USB slot that is not quite right (less deep). That way, the system on the PS4 cannot read the external storage installed.

2. Dirty USB Slot

The second cause can also come from the USB slot on the PS4 is dirty or dusty. This can happen to PS4 owners that are outdated and lack maintenance. Usually the condition of a dirty USB port is not realized by the owner.

3. Inappropriate Flashdisk Format

The third cause that PS4 users may rarely know is that the format of the Flashdisk that is entered is not appropriate. So, please note that PlayStation 4 only wants to read Flashdisk with Fat32 format.

You can check the format of the Flashdisk used via a PC or Laptop in the Properties menu. If after checking it turns out that the Flashdisk does not support the format requested by PS4, then the external storage cannot be read on the PS4.

4. Flashdisk is Damaged

The fourth cause is the Flashdisk used is already damaged. The problematic flash drive can be seen from the peeling brass or it could be when plugged into the computer a command appears for the file format. Usually this is caused by a virus that is in the flash.

5. There is a problem with the PS4 system

As for the last cause, there is a problem or bug on the PS4 system that causes the device to be unable to detect Flashdisk or other USB Storage. Besides that, when the PS4 system has problems, it doesn’t only have an impact on the Flashdisk being unreadable, but there are other problems such as: PS4 can’t connect WifiLogin PSN Failed and so on.

How to Fix Flashdisk Not Detected on PlayStation 4

How to Fix Flashdisk Not Detected on PlayStation 4

Above we have explained some of the causes of unreadable Flashdisk on PS4. Then you can adjust the problems experienced by one of the causes above. If so, do the following ways as a solution:

1. Check Flashdisk Installation

The first way is to check the installation of the Flashdisk. If it turns out to be less tight, then press deeper into the Flashdisk on the PS4 USB Port. After that, try to check the USB Storage status through the Settings menu -> Devices -> USB Storage. When it is read, the name of the driver from the flash drive will appear.

2. Clean PS4 USB Port

The second way is to clean a dirty USB port or USB slot. This method is quite effective for overcoming the problem of unreadable Flashdisk on PlayStation 4 devices. To clean that part you can use a small brush or Mini Vacuum Cleaner which can be used to clean the PC and Keyboard.

3. Use a Flashdisk With Fat32 Format

The third method applies to Flashdisk users with formats other than Fat32 or Fat32 format Flashdisks but have been damaged so they can’t be read on PS4. So, the only solution is to replace the Flashdisk with a suitable format and in good condition (not infected with a virus).

If the format of the Flashdisk and the condition of the Flashdisk are not problematic, the USB Storage will automatically be read when it is installed on the PS4. Remember, pair the device properly. For those who don’t have a Fat32 Flashdisk, you can buy it here.

4. Try Restarting PS4

The last way to solve the problem above is to restart or restart the PS4. This method applies when the problem occurs due to a Bug on the PS4 system. This method may not be 100% successful, as system problems can occur for many reasons.

Even so, when experiencing problems with the Flashdisk not being read on the PS4 even though the installation is correct and the format of the Flashdisk is appropriate, then try restarting the PS4 as an effort to solve the problem.


That’s the information from regarding the causes and how to solve the unreadable Flashdisk on PS4. Hopefully, with the discussion above, you PS4 users don’t need to be confused anymore when you want to upload files to PS4 but the External storage is unreadable. Please use one of the methods above to solve it.

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