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Xamarin Visual Studio Enterprise
Xamarin Visual Studio Enterprise

Xamarin Visual Studio Enterprise Full Patch is a software that you can use to create and develop various applications on various platforms such as Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. This software is of course already known by application developers of various platforms because it has many advantages compared to other developer applications and which is definitely very easy to use. Xamarin Visual Studio Enterprise FullThis is the only application development software that allows us to create native iOS and Android applications from Visual Studio.

Simply by relying on the ability of the C# programming language, you can develop or create multi-platform applications such as Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows. All of that you can do easily using the software Xamarin Visual Studio Enterprise Full this. Xamarin Visual Studio Enterprise Full can also provide very high performance when you compile code and provide full access to all Native APIs. This of course allows us to easily create native applications that are suitable for the device that will be used.

Develop native iOS apps on Windows.
Xamarin.iOS for Visual Studio allows you to develop native iOS apps on Windows, with a paired Mac providing build services over the network. Xamarin provides new Visual Studio features for iOS development, including an iOS toolbar, File > New Project for iOS apps, and iOS property pads.

Directly edit storyboards (iOS)
Double-click a storyboard file and edit it from the comfort of your favorite IDE. Drag-and-drop controls to build screens, name controls to create fields, and double-click to add handlers. No need to switch back and forth between Xcode and your source code.

More accurate than Xcode (iOS)
View controllers and controls are a pixel-perfect representation of screens as they will appear when running on iOS devices.

Live-rendered custom controls (iOS)
Unlike Xcode’s Interface Builder, the Xamarin iOS Designer renders your custom views just as easily as it renders UIKit controls–live, with custom properties editable in the properties pad.

Never touch a line of XML (Android)
Easily create Android screens by dragging controls onto the app builder, and configuring them using the properties pad. No need to get your hands dirty with XML.

Design multiple resolutions at once (Android)
Programming Android apps isn’t easy, but the Xamarin Android Designer simplifies things by previewing layouts across multiple screen resolutions and device form factors simultaneously.

Perfect property editing (iOS and Android)
Quickly configure the appearance, layout, field names, and event handlers for controls and views using a sleek properties pad.

Use the tools you know and love.
Stay productive by continuing to leverage the entire Microsoft ecosystem, including ReSharper, Team Foundation Server (TFS), TeamCity, Jenkins and your favorite code coverage and profiling tools.

Debug like a pro.
Track down bugs using the full power of a modern debugger, which can debug your app whether it’s running in a simulator, or live on-device. Set breakpoints, step through code and watch values ​​change during execution.

Award-winning features.
Microsoft was awarded Xamarin the VSIP Modern Application Partner of the Year in August 2013. Xamarin is also winner of the Visual Studio Magazine 2013 Readers Choice award.

How to Install

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Note: Xamarin Visual Studio is a pluggin that cannot run alone, you need a visual studio program, android SDK, and several other programs. So you can’t use Xamarin Visual Studio without installing the main program. For more details, please visit the official website of xamarin and please read the installation instructions and what programs are needed.

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