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YoWhatsApp vs GBWhatsApp, good YoWhatsApp or GBWhatsApp? that’s a question that new WA MOD users often ask. WhatsApp Mod is WhatsApp modifications developed by third parties. WhatsApp Mod is a popular application as a replacement for the official WhatsApp. These two android applications are quite popular because they have many features that the official WhatsApp does not have.

Well, which of the two yowhatsapp and gbwhatsapp applications is better? Which of the two whatsapp mod apps (yowhatsapp vs gbwhatsapp) has the most users? On this occasion, GUIDEBS will review the differences I experienced when using YoWhatsApp with GB WhatsApp.

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Background Using YoWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp

Why should you use WhatsApp MOD? whether it’s Yo WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, or Other WhatsApp Mods. The first time I used whatsapp mod was because I wanted to know the punctuation marks of hidden chat opponents. In addition, I also want to know when was the last time my friend was online even though it was deactivated.

Actually only those two reasons that made me switch to whatsapp modification. However, after using it, I became addicted because it turns out that WhatsApp mod has more features than I imagined. I’ve tried two whatsapp mods, namely GB WhatsApp and Yo WhtasApp. All of these WA MODs I will review the differences in this article.

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YoWhatsApp App

YoWhatsApp Apk
Yo WhatsApp Mod Apk

At this time I can say that I am still using the modified whatsapp application, namely Yo WhatsApp. The size of this application is not large, which is about 45MB. Not far from the wahtsapp application on the playstore. Although, the playstore says the size varies according to device user.

Yes, the YoWhatsApp application resembles the official whatsapp application. You can set each theme so that it looks the same as the original WhatsApp. You can even screenshot chats without worrying about being caught if it’s a WhatsApp mod. However, if you don’t want to resemble the official whatsapp, you cancustom the theme is what you want. Knob, fonttheme, color, bubble chatheader, you can modify all.

Yo WhatsApp application has many features. One of the hidden features that people rarely know about is hidden chat. So you can hide chat you with someone. To open it, you need a password or identification such as fingerprint so that you can enter room which contains a group chat that you hide. Chat WA is safe from the ignorant hands of friends who secretly like to open WhatsApp. In addition, there are still many features of Yo WhtasApp. Therefore, you can read more in detail in the article about the Yo WhatsApp application and download the yo whatsapp mod apk application.

GBWhatsApp App

GB WhatsApp Mod Apk
GB WhatsApp Mod Apk

This is the first whatsapp mod application that I know and I use. Because in the past the WhatsApp mod application was not as much as it is now. GBWhatsApp is one of the oldest modified whatsapp applications and is quite popular. In fact, until now there are still many who use GBWhatsApp.

The reasons are various, some are because they have used GB whstaapp for the first time. So reluctant to switch to another WhatsApp mod because you have to do a backup and restore process which is quite tiring. Moreover, if the process does not work, then your chat history will be lost.

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There are also those who argue that they are comfortable with GBWhatsapp, and so on. But I’ve experienced something uncomfortable when using GBWhatsApp. My number almost got banned from whatsapp. So that forced me to go back to the official whatsapp, before finally finding the YoWhatsApp mod whatsapp.

After I analyzed it, it turned out that my mistake was not updating the GBWhatsApp application. One of the functions of the GBWhatsApp update is to increase security and minimize being banned from the official WhatsApp party. So, don’t miss the update if you use the wa mod apk. You can Download the latest GB Whatsapp mod application here.

Differences YoWhatsApp Application with GBWhatsApp

This time I will compare the differences in the wa mod apk application between YoWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp (YoWhatsApp VS GBWhatsApp). Please note that the following differences are based on observations, experiences, and various sources on the internet.

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App Name YoWhatsApp GBWhatsApp
Main page header It says YoWhatsApp Just write WhatsApp
App Themes Can use their own themecustom according to preference. Only use the provided theme
Emoticon Could download own emojis There isn’t any
Security It’s safer because it’s already in end-to-end encryption Still unknown
Developer Fouad Mokdad Unknown
Size 45.8MB 44.9MB
YoWhatsApp VS GBWhatsApp

YoWhatsApp vs GBWhatsApp Conclusion

Both of these applications are modified whatsapp applications. Both have more or less the same features. GBWhatsApp app is older than YoWhatsApp. To minimize being banned from WhatsApp, please update wa mod apk to the latest version.

The YoWhatsApp theme is more superior because it has more ways to make the wa look different. However, in the list page header chat GBWhatsApp has the words “WhatsApp” which means similar to the original WhatsApp. So, which do you think is better?

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So those are some of the differences between yowhatsapp vs gbwhatsapp. I hope the article GUIDEBS this can help you to make a choice using the wa mod apk. Don’t forget to read other interesting information about whatsapp. If my writing is wrong, or you think it’s not right or there are questions, please write it in the comments column.

If you want to invite cooperation please contact me via contact page or via cooperation page. So much from me, thanks.

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– Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple Inc.)

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